Frank Ocean Releases New Album ‘Blond’

Frank Ocean Blond Blonde

Well Frank Ocean has finally released his highly anticipated album and let me tell you one thing. This year the GRAMMY‘s is going to be a very tight race for album of the year. I mean between Adele, Drake, Beyonce, and now with this Frank Ocean in the mix? I mean it is going to be a tight race.

You can stream the album on Apple Music, and of course buy it on Itunes.


Are you excited that this album has finally dropped?!

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Is Frank Ocean Releasing New Music This Week?

Frank Ocean‘s highly anticipated sophomore album is rumored to be released on Friday, accoding to the New York Times! It will reportedly be titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, and surprisingly doesn’t have much press behind it.

Frank Ocean came onto the scene with again, little press but his music speaks for itself. He is an incredible talented writer and singer, so he doesn’t need that publicity.

Here’s to hoping that this rumor is actually true! I need some Ocean in my life!

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Frank Ocean Pens Emotional Essay About Orlando And Homophobia

Frank Ocean has been very quiet over the past few years since his first album was released, an album that got an insane amount of praise. He hasn’t done any press, no new music, just laying low after he came out. There have been rumblings about new music but nothing set in stone.

He came back in a big way in this essay though. Truthfully I can’t summarize this essay, just read it and be ready to feel both anger and sadness. Frank’s way with words is truly incredible.

Please read his message below.

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