Taylor Swift Didn’t Throw Her Annual 4th Of July Party!

For the past four years or so celebrities has flocked to Taylor Swift‘s Rhode Island mansion to join her in celebrating freedom!

The first year it was small, the second year it was a bit bigger, and last year she had a ton of people there. Taylor also made sure to document the whole thing making an album on her Facebook for it!

I mean, it’s a big holiday for the superstar but this year there was nothing.

To be honest, I am kind of sad about it. Every year I like to see who shows up, who was crossed out from the invite list, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, whatever.

So no party for Taylor, I guess she is serious about staying out of the spotlight until she drops her surprise album. Of course there haven’t been reports on this new album because it’s going to be a surprise.

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Taylor Swift Reminds Us That She Had The Best 4th Of July

I have a lot of questions about Taylor Swift‘s annual Fourth Of July party.

  1. When did it get so lame? The first one she had Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran, and a few of her other famous friends. Last year she had Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas, along with well basically the same crew. This group of girls, I mean other than Rachel Platten, Blake Lively, and Uzo Aduba it looks like a bunch of chicks who won’t eat burgers. Actually, Gigi Hadid is pretty cool, she can stay. Karlie can stay too because shes been there all three years.
  2. Where was my invite? Did I not get invited because I am so negative? I will eat all the left over food, I promise.
  3. Did she hire her own barge for the fireworks? I think the answer is yes.

Alright, those are just a few of my questions, I am sure that I will think of more as the times comes. Like, did Ryan and Tom feel like they were babysitters? I feel like they probably did. Although Ryan has those leg tats, so maybe he is still wild as hell.

Today Taylor took to Instagram and Facebook to remind us all that she is really, really rich and has the best time ever with her friends while we all have trouble figuring out how to split the bill evenly between four people. Or we try and play hello titty with the bartender for free drinks, you know, normal peasant stuff.

And finally the most “candid” photo of some couples looking super casual. Taylor wanting to remind everyone that her and Tom are real, after he wore that horrible shirt, and Ryan Reynolds looking like he wants to get the fuck out of there.

I feel like such a peasant.

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Tom Hiddleston Professes His Love For Taylor Swift

I have no idea who Tom Hiddleston‘s PR person is, but they are making some absolutely terrible choices for Tom, that’s for sure.

Let me just keep going with this one, okay? Taylor had her big Fourth of July party this year where her and her famous friends all gallivant around on the beach near her Rhode Island mansion, and they have a blast.

I will say that this is the first year that the paparazzi ever took photos. Apparently Rhode Island paparazzi’s are starting to really step up their game. Or they are getting a phone call, anyway!

The internet is very unhappy with this couple. They have been together a full three weeks and everyone hates them. How bad is it for Tom that he went from being a great serious actor, finally getting the credit he deserves to being Taylor Swift’s newest boyfriend. Listen, I say that Taylor can date away, nothing wrong with it, just don’t make it so obviously PR, that’s my opinion.

How much longer do we give these two? I say a quiet break up in November, just before the holidays.

Seriously though, check out how unhappy the internet is.

For the record, I am very embarrassed about this, and I have absolutely zero relation to Tom or Taylor.

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Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato Sing ‘Close’ For Boston’s Fourth of July Celebration!

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to go into Boston to watch the rehearsals for the Boston Fourth of July spectacular. The performers were, The Boston Pops, Little Big Town, Demi Lovato, and Nick Jonas, which was a pretty impressive lineup. The whole night was basically one big dress rehearsal, minus the fireworks but it was pretty epic if I do say so myself.

Demi and Nick both sang their own hits, and did two duets, one of them was for America the Beautiful and then they came together again for Nick’s smash hit ‘Close’.

You have to check out the video, they sang so well together. For the record, I am a terrible videographer and can barely keep my hands steady. So keep that in mind.

I must say both Nick and Demi’s vocals were on point the entire night. Little Big Town also sounded incredible, all in all, it will be a night with great vocals!

On another note, happy Fourth of July! May your day be incredible!

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