Rihanna Joins Paul McCartney On Stage At Desert Trip!

Over the weekend in Indio, California there was a Coachella for old people, well basically. The first Desert Trip rock festival was held over the weekend and Paul McCartney was there along with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Neil Young, and Roger Waters were all performing.

For the record, it was Mick Jagger who decided to call it the “Coachella for old people”, I wish I was that clever.

Rihanna joined Paul for “FourFiveSeconds” and Paul joked about finally having someone under the age of 50.

Let me be clear, this song? Extremely underrated. Also Rihanna served those vocals. Sir Paul, you slayed too, don’t worry.

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Rihanna Let’s Fan Sing At Her Concert And Is Shocked By His Voice!


Rihanna is an absolute legend, she has more number ones than any other artist of all time, she is a survivor of domestic abuse, and she has an incredible voice. Say what you will about her music but her voice is really out of this world. She also sings live! Something that a few musicians, I won’t name who, don’t do. So I respect the absolute hell out of that. Plus she is kind of a bad bitch and she just owns it.

Over the weekend she preformed in Cincinnati and while she was singing ‘FourFiveSeconds’ she handed a fan the microphone. Then the fan blew her away! Hell he blew everyone away! Rihanna’s facial expression was hilarious because clearly she wasn’t expecting that!

Good job sir for crushing the vocals and Rihanna, you looked flawless and you’re a queen. The end.


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Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney Perform FourFiveSeconds On The Grammys!

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I will go out there and say that this was the best performance of the night! Rihanna looked absolutely incredible too, her vocals were on point. Then you have Kanye who is just a little weirdo killing it on stage. Yeah, I think that Kanye is a weird dude but I love him. Paul McCartney is such a God he literally just needs to stand there and play the guitar and he crushes it.

Rihanna looks so incredible though, right? Like Rihanna is my ultimate woman crush, over T.Swift, which is really saying a lot. I am glad she changed out of her giant loofa looking dress, Seeing her with her hair all sleek, wearing all black, I just can’t get enough!

Rihanna is back, you all better watch out!

Rihanna Releases Music Video For FourFiveSeconds!

Know who I love? Rihanna. Know who else I love? Kanye. Know who else I love? Paul McCartney. Three artists I truly love and respect all on one song? Alright, I can roll with that!

A lot of people have been hating on this song because of Kanye’s singing and I can see why people wouldn’t like it. Judging by the new music Kanye has been releasing we are in store for something very different. Then there is the perfect Rihanna. I am a fan of everything that Barbadian beauty does, other than dating Chris Brown. Everything other than that though, she is perfect. Her looks, her voice, her tattoos, love ’em!

You know people have been making a huge deal about Paul helping Kanye out so much with new music, in fact producing Kanye’s new album. Those haters must not remember that Elton John helped him produce an album before too, and it was incredible.

I truly believe that Kanye and Rihanna should make an entire album together, I have always love them together. Instead of Watch The Throne with Jay-Z he should have made an album with Rihanna. Just sayin!

Alright, anyway I love that they are doing more raw vocals, well Rihanna is. It just proves that she can actually sing.

Little side note, Kanye singing about the sun shining with a straight mean mug face, easily my favorite part of the entire thing.

Rihanna’s new album needs to come out like right now, do you agree?