Forbes Announces The Top Grossing Singers Of The Past Year

Every year Forbes puts out a lost of the most influential people in the business along with how much they make. So if you don’t feel like you’re poor right now, get ready because once you see these numbers it’s insane.

I think that the absolute craziest thing is that Puff Daddy is still making the most money. That’s right, Sean P.Diddy Combs is still out there doing the damn thing. I mean it did have his Bad Boy Reunion tour, he still owns a clothing company, and he has his own label which he makes money off of.

Considering Diddy started off as doing street marketing for Biggie, I would say that he deserves credit for making such an empire.

The rest of the people on the list really aren’t all that big of a surprise. Although I am kind of surprised that Selena didn’t make the cut.

Check it out!

I would just like to add I love that Celine is still crushing it, you go girl.

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Kevin Hart Tops Forbes’ Highest Paid Comedian List

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For the past, well nearly 10 years Jerry Seinfeld has held the top spot of the Forbes’ highest paid comedian list. Well looks like that long streak has finally come to an end because of none other than Kevin Hart.

Let’s be real, Kevin is quickly becoming the annoying sidekick in every movie so he may not be there for a long time, but he is there for now! Last year he made a whopping $87.5 million dollars. Yes, that is a lot of zeros. Right?

It is interesting as to why or how Kevin has made so much money in the past year. Of course he has been in some seriously big movies, but also his tour. He doesn’t tour like many comedians out there. He instead tours stadiums and according to reports because he basically just needs a microphone, water bottle, and a stool, he makes more money than most music acts.

Good for you Kevin! Keep it going, but really, try and stop being the annoying sidekick. Please.

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