Tinashe Releases Choreographed “Flame” Music Video


It’s a damn tragedy that Tinashe isn’t getting the love that she deserves. Her music is absolute fire, she is beautiful, and homegirl can dance her ass off. If it was the early 2000’s she would be crushing the radio having all three of those checked off.

Really though, Tinashe has some series talent. Her vocals are incredible and I mean she’s already worked with Britney, what more do you want people?

Yesterday she released the choreographed music video for her single “Flame” which just reminds me that I can’t dance. I like to think that I can dance sometimes but yeah, I really suck.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Tinashe is the lead dancer in the first group, the others are not her. I had to clear that up.

Go listen to her now because she deserves more attention!

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