Saturday Night Live Premiers Hilarious ‘This Is Not A Feminist Song’

Welcome to the year 2016, where everyone is offended by everything. People get mad about comedians making jokes, commercials, hell they even get mad about who a logo looks like. So I think that Saturday Night Live handled this song absolutely perfect.

I swear  a lot of people don’t realize that begin a feminist doesn’t mean you have to run around burning your bra, growing out your armpit hair, and refusing to shave your legs. If you want to do that, that is all on you. Personally I enjoy shaving my armpits and legs, wearing a bra, and getting hit on. That doesn’t mean I am not a feminist.

Feminism means equality, the end!

Anyway, this song is kind of a jam right? I feel like it is very catchy and I am all about it.

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