Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, & The Weeknd Will Perform At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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This sound like quite the show, right? Obviously these three are musical powerhouses and I give Victoria’s Secret credit for getting them all to sign on. I feel like there are usually two big performers then one not so known one. Not this time around!

Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and Bruno Mars will all get their sets and absolutely kill it. All while beautiful models walk around them showing off wings, and outfits that no one else would ever wear. Fashion shows, where the fashion is weird.

I do hope to see some interaction between Bella and The Weeknd, because that would be absolutely adorable.

The show is on December 5th, so tune in then!

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Selena Gomez Stuns On The ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ Pink Carpet

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Dayum girl, you killing it! Seriously, Selena sexed up her look big time for this fashion show! Looks like Taylor told her that to be a part of this show, you really need to sex up your look and that way you too can have an army full of Victoria’s Secret models following you around from place to place.

The show airs on December 9th and Selena will be performing along with The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding, so it should be a great show!

Now here are some more pictures of Selena slaying the pink carpet!

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