Let Gregg Sulkin’s Latest Instagram Post Bless Your Night

Can we all agree that Gregg Sulkin is super hot? I mean just look at him. Those lips, those dimples, everything about him is just banging. Even though I hated him on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (sorry I’m an Ezria fan) we can all agree that he is in fact pretty and we ain’t lying.

Well on Instagram lately he has been shirtless all the time.

Is there any other selling point I need? A shirtless Gregg Sulkin is good for everyone involved! That is something I am sure of!

Now, I am not going to post all of them, I am only going to post the most recent because when I saw it, I said damn out loud.

I think that he is training for a Marvel show but I could be wrong.

We all need to appreciate Gregg Sulkin more, okay? Okay.


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Man Crush Monday: Gregg Sulkin

So recently I have been getting back into the show “Faking It” on MTV. It is pretty hilarious and I think more people should watch it. One time Katie Stevens, one of the man characters, followed me on Twitter then I thanked her and she immediately unfollowed me. It was a sad time but I was able to move past it!

Gregg Sulkin is one of the main actors on the show as well and hot damn. I mean seriously, what a babe! To make it even better he is British so he does in fact have an accent. Gregg was also on my ultimate guilty pleasure “Pretty Little Liars” and again, he was a babe on that too.

Right now this hot piece of man is off the market, dating Bella Thorne which is a damn shame. Gregg go be single and let me write stories about you! No one cares that you are a nice guy who loves his girlfriend. That’s a joke guys, he actually wrote a really sweet write up about Bella.

Happy Monday! Go watch “Faking It” on MTV tonight at 9:30 and like the Celebrities Are Tragic facebook page!

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Man Crush Monday: Keith Powers

So I might be in love. I just want to say that I really might be in love with Keith Powers. This man is absolute perfection! That smile, those eyes, that insane body. Just everything about him is pretty damn fine if I do say so myself.

Keith was recently in ‘Straight Outta Compton’ but he is known for playing the role of Theo in MTV’s hit show ‘Faking It’. Honestly, I may watch that every week now because of this man. How can you deny that smile? Trick question, you can’t!

Alright I am going to stop being so aggressive about how hot I think this man is and just kind of let it happen. Watch him become the next big thing because let’s be real. It is going to happen.

Happy Monday and I hope this makes your Labor Day even better!

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