Only Henry Cavill Can Pull Off A Mustache

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I think that we can all agree on two things. The first is that Henry Cavill is an absolute babe, probably one of the hottest actors out there right now. The second is that mustaches are fucking gross. They aren’t funny or trendy or whatever you think they are, they are just gross.

In case you can’t tell, I am not a fan of mustaches. Give me a beard, give me a fucking soul patch but keep you and your creepy mustache out of my life.

Henry Cavill is currently filming the latest Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise and he is rocking a mustache for the film.

Let me be clear men, Henry Cavill is the only one who can have a mustache and make it look good. Okay?

Look at the photos below so you understand where I am coming from.

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Kal practising his hero pose #NoseNeighbour

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And then the photo that put me on board with this mustache ride, you know what I am saying.

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Niall Horan Hangs Out With Drake And Looks Better Than Ever

Damn Niall Horan, you are getting better looking with every single picture I see of you. I mean really. You signed a solo deal, got some facial hair, and now you’re hanging out with the hottest rapper out right now. I am into it. I am into this Niall Horan.

Yes Drake, you look great too, you know I have a crush on you.

Niall though, I always knew you were going to be a hottie.

Keep that stubble boo.

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Zac Efron Gets A Fresh New Haircut

I don’t even care that the picture is blurry as well, what I care about is how beautiful Zac Efron is. Let’s just take a moment to lean back and relax, stare at the picture, and be in love. See that jawline covered in stubble? Well it is fucking perfect, that is that. Plus you can tell he is all buff and whatever under that v-neck t-shirt. My personal favorite Efron look was when he was filming ‘The Lucky One’.

If this is a look for a new movie then I will be seeing it for sure. I mean, I would probably see just about anything that Zac is in, can’t even pretend I wouldn’t.

Let’s hope this whole facial hair, high fade team lasts for a long, long time.

Chord Overstreet What Kind Of Look Is This?


Do you guys remember when Chord Overstreet first appeared on Glee and everyone said he was going to be the next “it” boy, even though that never happened. Yeah, I remember that too. He started off on Glee being this cute shirtless boy that all the girls loved, now he is trying to be Brad Pitt? I really don’t understand this look at all. This was taken over the weekend from some panel or something to talk about the sinking ship known as ‘Glee’.

I just don’t understand what he is trying to go for here? At one point he had short hair and I finally found him attractive then he decided to pull this shit again. I mean come on bro! What are you thinking? This look isn’t a good look for anyone, except maybe Jared Leto. We already went over that Leto is a beautiful weirdo though. Chord you can’t pull off the artist look because you aren’t one, you are on Glee my kind sir. I think that looking at track records it is pretty obvious that everyone from Glee who tries to have a music career fails.

Mark Salling? Failed. Will Schuster? Failed. Lea Michele? Not starting off to hot so far.

I just don’t understand how people can say this is a good look for anyone let alone someone on ‘Glee’! Chop that hair off Overstreet and maybe if you are lucky you can get another planned date with T.Swift!