What Is Going On With Shia LaBeouf?

ImageI would say that the past day and a half has been a real shit show for Shia LabBeouf, wouldn’t you agree? So unless you have been living under a rock, or actually living a normal life you have probably heard of his recent antics. No, you haven’t? Well let me fill you in. He got thrown out of a play for being disruptive, he was then arrested and spit on cops, earlier that day he was chasing around a homeless man trying to get the man’s hat. Above is a picture of that happening courtesy of TMZ.

I have a few theories about the past year and Shia since clearly he is starting to lose it a little bit. My first one is that he is in fact starting to lose. Maybe he going through what Amanda Bynes went through, just a little bit later on in life.

The second theory I have is much more realistic in my opinion. Remember back when Joaquin Phoenix decided to get a little weird but in reality it was for some mockumentary that no one ever saw? Yeah, that is what I think this is. Shia isn’t really crazy, he is just putting together a little documentary on how to act crazy without being crazy. I mean he wore a damn bag over his head at his latest premier. That is crazy but hey, it worked, people were talking about it! It is my little banner because I love it so much.

Either way Shia isn’t famous enough for these kind of stunts. Well obviously he is since he is getting this kind of press coverage but in my opinion he hasn’t done enough movies or anything. He did the Transformer movies, Disturbia, Lawless, and a few others but most have been small indie films. Most people still know him, well Transformers but also as little Louis Stevens. What happened to that funny little fucker?

I have to admit, I can’t wait to see what kind of antics he puts on for the Fury premiers that he is going to have to go to. Brad Pitt will not put up with his foolery, that is for sure.

What do you guys think is going on with him? One of my theories or do you have some of your own?

Shia and Lena Fight Over Skywriting.


Shia LaBeouf and Lena Dunham are the latest celebs to indirectly argue with each other on Twitter.

“I’ve always felt, utterly and unchangeably, that only sociopaths hire skywriters,” the Girls actress first tweeted.

Shia retweeted her and said, “I don’t mind creating debate with thoroughly considered artistic expressions but I don’t want to offend with a tweet. Sorry world.”

He added, “Im addicted to lean & that sh-t ain’t no joke. I can barely remember all the things I’ve done & said. However there’s no excuse 4 skywriting.”

Lena responded, “Vaguely recognized Shia Labeouf‘s latest twitter apology and realized it was MINE! Touché, Louis Stevens. Projecting a lot of rage against my 7th grade boyfriend on LaBeouf. Think this is the start of something really productive #2014.”

“I don’t mind creating debate with thoroughly considered artistic expressions but I don’t want to offend with a tweet. Sorry Charlies,” Lena originally tweeted in October to apologize for referencing Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, who were a couple that raped and murdered in Canada.

In case you didn’t know, Shia used skywriting to apologize for plagiarizing writer Daniel Clowes.

(story via: http://www.justjared.com/2014/01/04/shia-labeouf-lena-dunham-argue-on-twitter/)

So I guess that this can go down as one of the weirdest words exchanged on Twitter ever, right? See these are two of the most annoying celebrities out there in my opinion. Well, they aren’t the worst but they are up there. See there is Lena who thinks that she is some goddess among peasants with her okay writing and not so great acting. Then there is Shia who thinks that he is a God to all of mankind and thinks he is incredible because he is a method writer.

So apparently Shia stole some ideas from a comic book writing or something, then wrote in the sky that he was sorry for doing it. He didn’t sent a letter. Just had a place write it out in the sky then he snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter, well Lena does no approve! Honestly, how is she even involved in this you ask? SHE WASN’T! She decided to become involved with the whole thing because she is Lena Dunham and thinks that she is better than everyone in the world.

I do enjoy how she called him Louis Stevens though, I feel like she was trying to insult him by saying that but Even Stevens was the shit back in the day. She is probably just jealous that she would never be able to play Wren Stevens.

After reading this fight I realized two things. Lena Dunham is more annoying than I thought she was and Shia is addicted to drugs. Well maybe addicted to drugs. According to Urban Dictionary, Lean is a form of sizzurp. Slow down on the sizzurp Shia, just take a breath, you will be okay. Maybe.