Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Welcome Their Second Child Together!

Last month I reported that Ryan and Eva were expecting their second baby, well looks like they already welcomed a little girl! Two weeks ago Ryan and Eva welcomed another little girl and named her Amada Lee, which is just adorable.

I remember back when these two first started to date I thought they were a very odd couples. Eva was always in the media doing press about something and Ryan was always more reserved. Well looks like they make it work and now Eva is just as private as Ryan has been about his personal life.

Congrats to the happy couple and their new baby girl!

May you continue to keep everyone guessing about your personal lives because in reality, it’s none of our business but I will never actually admit that or else my blog wouldn’t exist!

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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Are Expecting Their Second Child!

Damn, there must be something in the water. First Blake and Ryan are expecting their second child, now another famous Ryan, Ryan Gosling and his longtime partner Eva Mendes are reportedly expecting baby number two as well! Let’s not forget about Megan and Brian too, there is going to be a good looking crop of celebrity children in about 18 years that’s for sure.

Ryan and Eva are a very low key couple in Hollywood, they are basically never pictured together. Sometimes I forget they are even a couple, but hey, they have been together since around 2011 and there haven’t been any reports of breaking up or anything like that. Then again, we wouldn’t know because I swear this couple lives underground and only Ryan makes an appearance every once in a while to go to award shows but Eva stays in their bunker.

Congrats to this happy couple if the reports are in fact true! Maybe one day they will walk a red carpet together as a couple instead of just costars that one time, back in 2011!

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Eva Mendes Is Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby!


Now this is something that I didn’t see coming. I honestly thought that these two broke up in 2013, well looks like I was wrong! I think that the world may implode though since every woman other than me wants Ryan Gosling to impregnate them. Women of the world think he is some kind of prophet and beautiful man that needs to love them all. Eva Mendes the feisty Latina won though.

Oh I forgot to mention how far along Eva is in her pregnancy, are you ready? Take a breath. She is seven months along which means in a short two months Ryan Gosling will be a certified DILF and Eva will become a certified MILF!

My biggest question about this whole thing is how did they hide it? I mean everyone is always on the look out for Ryan Gosling. Did they move into a remote part of Montana where there are no movies or something Then again Ryan isn’t the pregnant one so it would be easier for Eva to hide since not many people know who she is.

Anyway congrats to the happy couple and may they have a healthy baby boy or girl! Also big props to them for being able to hide this pregnancy for a solid seven months.