Sophia Bush Writes Essay About Love In Cosmopolitan 

Sophia Bush Chad Michael Murray Divorce Reason
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I will say that Sophia Bush is absolutely one of the classiest women in Hollywood. Say what you will but she stands up for charities that she believes in, she stands up, that simple. She stands up and says what is on her mind, she gives a voice to those who don’t have one.

One thing that she has never really spoken about was her failed marriage to former ‘One Tree Hill’ co-star Chad Michael Murray. The couple were married and within a few months they had divorced. It was very public, there were many rumors and considering Chad moved on quickly, it just added fuel to the fire. The exes had to work together on the same show for like 5 years after but the former couple just stayed quiet.

It looks like Sophia is kind of ready to talk about it, although she isn’t bashing her ex. Instead she is opening up about love and how love isn’t easy.

In Cosmopolitan magazine, Sophia wrote an essay about why we should stop seeking “the one”.

Here is her excerpt about Chad Michael Murray.

“In my 20s, when I was starting out my career as an actor, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but one found me and became serious, even though I hadn’t planned to settle down until my 30s. But when the person you’re with asks you to marry him, you think: This must be happening because it’s supposed to.

But I refuse to let that one relationship define me, which is why I’ve done my best to avoid discussing it for 10 years. The reality is that, yes, it was a massive event in my life. And the trauma of it was amplified by how public it became, which was incredibly foreign and bizarre to a girl who’d been just another college kid 24 months before her life blew up.”

My favorite line from the entire essay has to be this one.

” I came to appreciate that relationships often serve a specific purpose at a certain point in time, for myriad reasons. Some are meant to heal you, some are meant to teach you how to build yourself up, and some are meant to show you how to trust your own intuition.”

Thank you for writing this Sophia, I think that this is important for the new generation especially. We are meant to believe that we need to find “the one”, when you should really just focus on loving yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Again, if you want to read the whole essay which I think you should do, click here!

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Pens Essay Slamming ‘The Bachelor’

Image result for kareem abdul-jabbar

Well okay, this isn’t something that I saw coming, that’s for sure. Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took to The Hollywood Reporter to write and essay about the popular ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ series.

Now I suggest that you read the whole thing by clicking here, but I did pick out some of my favorite parts of the essay.

Getting into the show, he started to talk about how the people represented on this show don’t necessarily have brains, they are simply all the same with removable parts. Everyone on that show looks the same, it’s the truth. Most of the men have the same haircut, same abs, and same five o’clock shadow.

It is teaching this generation that beauty is more important than really anything else at all.

The shows’ mantra repeated by most castmembers that “everyone deserves love” ain’t necessarily so. You’re not even in the running for love unless you fit a very narrow ideal of Ken and Barbie doll physical beauty. These shows promote the scorched-earth effects of raising females to be continually judged physically above all other attributes and then measured against impossible physical standards that has marginalized a majority of girls and women — and made billions for the beauty products, clothing, and cosmetic surgery industries. Even youthful Amanda Stanton, 26, admits to using Botox.

Abdul-Jabbar continues on that there is no diversity on the show. There has never been a person of color to win, or even make it close to the end. In fact not one nonwhite person has ever made it past week five. That’s fucking crazy.

The real crime is the lack of intellectual and appearance diversity, which leaves the contestants as interchangeable as the Mr. Potato Head parts. The lack of racial diversity has already been commented on. If you’re black on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you’re usually kept around as a courtesy for a few weeks before being ejected. Those outside the ideal body fat percentage index need not apply. With all eyes firmly fixed on firm buttocks, the criteria for finding love becomes how high a quarter will bounce off rock-hard abs. Will we ever witness a conversation that isn’t so bland and vacuous that words seem to evaporate as soon as they are spoken? The rest — intimate outings, group dates, visiting hometowns — is window dressing to disguise the establishment of a laundry list for love so paltry and insubstantial that nearly anyone with a hipster beard or pert breasts can make the cut.

He even calls out JoJo Fletcher by name.

JoJo Fletcher’s constant whining about being in love with three men from the petrie dish of ab-fastic, bearded suitors certainly denigrates the concept of love. Throughout the show she worried about the kind of men she’d gone out with before who treated her as less valuable than she wanted. As soon as we saw Jordan, the jock who kept her at a distance, and who she described as being like her previous boyfriends, there was no doubt she would select him to relive the psychological loop of needing to be validated.

Then he leaves us with this little tidbit.

The real danger is when we try to apply that fantasy thinking to our own lives. And when we think about where our children learn about the realities of romance, it becomes even more important to question what may influence their behavior in choosing a partner.

Just taking one step back I wanted to put in my own personal thoughts but they will simply echo the powerful words that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar put together.

We are supposed to believe that our soulmate has the perfect body and if we ourselves don’t have the perfect body, then we are worthless. We are fed all of this negative shit from the media yet some how we are supposed to love ourselves. It doesn’t really make sense at all. It’s sometimes hard to remember that, but please remember that you’re worth it.

Your flaws are beautiful, no matter what the media says.

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Sophia Bush Writes Letter To A “Random Dude On A Plane” That Harassed Her

This isn’t the first time that Sophia Bush has taken to social media to stand up for herself. A few years ago, she has a violent stalker on social media that she decided to write to. One thing about Sophia is that she does speak for what she believes in, something that I really commend her for.

This time Sophia decided to pen an open letter directed towards a fellow passenger who made not only her uncomfortable, but made the entire plane feel uncomfortable. She addressed it to “Random Dude on a plane”, and it is very powerful.

The letter goes on to say.

“When you make a woman so visibly uncomfortable, that after you’ve ignored all visual cues to please leave her alone (one word answers, she pulls out a book, puts on a hat, she actually asks you to not speak to her with the tone and words you’re choosing to use) that she finally GETS UP and MOVES SEATS, leave her alone,” she wrote. “Do not continue trying to make conversation. Stop turning around and looking at her, stop leaning out of your seat and towards her body when she has to grab something out of the overhead bin above her original seat, and sadly also above you, mid flight. And in my case, stop believing that you are entitled to make me uncomfortable because you ‘watch my TV show’ so I owe you some magical debt, I make it, you watch it. After that, the ‘exchange’ is done. You do not get to harass me, or any woman, because you think you pay our bills. You don’t bro, I DO.”

Check out the original tweet below!

Glad you were able to stick up for yourself and it is a damn shame that Sophia has to deal with that.

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Jen Aniston Pens Blog Post About Body Shaming

In case you didn’t know women in Hollywood are subjected to a lot of scrutiny about their bodies. They are either too fat or too skinny, rarely women are ever an average size. People make a game out of guessing who is gaining weight, who is losing too much, and it is pretty disgusting. Yes, it happens to men too but it happens to women much more frequently.

Recently, Jennifer Aniston was spotted, no someone had a long range camera and took a photo of her eating her lunch and she didn’t have her usual flat stomach. There is nothing wrong with that either. Jen is almost 50 years old and still looks better than most women half her age. See the issue was that now she was pregnant, people assumed that she was pregnant it got to the tabloids.

Of course Jen is pregnant every other month and has been pregnant every other month for the past 20 years, but it looks like Jen has finally has enough.

She took to Huffington Post and decided to write a blog post about body image, something that she has never done. Usually Jen just laughs off rumors but clearly this one went a little too far for her liking.

Let me start by saying that addressing gossip is something I have never done.  I don’t like to give energy to the business of lies, but I wanted to participate in a larger conversation that has already begun and needs to continue. Since I’m not on social media, I decided to put my thoughts here in writing.

For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I’m fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of “journalism,” the “First Amendment” and “celebrity news.”

Every day my husband and I are harassed by dozens of aggressive photographers staked outside our home who will go to shocking lengths to obtain any kind of photo, even if it means endangering us or the unlucky pedestrians who happen to be nearby. But setting aside the public safety aspect, I want to focus on the bigger picture of what this insane tabloid ritual represents to all of us.

That is just the start of the powerful essay, I truly encourage everyone to read what Jen has to say because she has a point with everything that she says.

If you are interested in reading the rest click here.

Let me end this by saying on this blog I will never make fun of a woman or man’s body. Maybe I will make fun of a stupid tattoo or haircut, but never weight or anything like that.

Don’t be tacky.

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Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Two Abortions In Essay

Chelsea HandlerBrian Bowen Smith

One of my favorite people in this world is Chelsea Handler. She is unapologetic and she is honest, something that you have to respect. In this specific article, which she published in Playboy she is again, honest, open, and unapologetic for her actions. In a world where so many people are trying to tell others how to act, what to do with their bodies, it is rather refreshing.

“When I got pregnant at the age of 16, getting an abortion wasn’t the first idea that popped into my unripened brain,” Chelsea says in the very first line of her essay.

In the article entitled “My Choice” she opens up about hating her life at 16 and being in a very unhealthy relationship. She hated her parents, her boyfriend, and she hated herself which is a fairly heavy thing to say , but I think at 16 a lot of people have those feelings.

“I happened to fuck up twice at the age of 16. I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family. I’m 41 now. I don’t ever look back and think, God, I wish I’d had that baby,” although there are probably people who feel guilty for having an abortion, not everyone feels that guilt. Chelsea explains it in that little blurb.

“Again, it’s like racism and sexism: People will be racist if they’re innately built that way, but whether they can act on their racism or not is a separate issue. There are people who think women shouldn’t hold high-powered positions, or who think Obama is Muslim, and it’s okay for them to have those thoughts; they just can’t act on them in a civilized society. It’s okay if you think it’s not right for women to have abortions—but it’s not your problem, because we decide.”

Honestly, take a few minutes out of your day to read her article. Like Chelsea it is honest and makes you think about the situation at hand.

Her closing statement is “I’d love for somebody to try to tell me what to do with my body. I dare them,” and Chelsea, I don’t think anyone has the balls to stand up to you.

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Frank Ocean Pens Emotional Essay About Orlando And Homophobia

Frank Ocean has been very quiet over the past few years since his first album was released, an album that got an insane amount of praise. He hasn’t done any press, no new music, just laying low after he came out. There have been rumblings about new music but nothing set in stone.

He came back in a big way in this essay though. Truthfully I can’t summarize this essay, just read it and be ready to feel both anger and sadness. Frank’s way with words is truly incredible.

Please read his message below.

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Amber Rose Pens Op-Ed: How I Learned To Stop Caring What People Think

Amber Rose has penned a powerful op-ed for Time magazine after insults were thrown her way due to a Twitter fight between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.  In the series of Tweets that Kanye unleashed yesterday he called out Amber for being a stripper in the past and also decided to bring her son into the battle. That was when Amber decided that enough was enough and she stood up for herself.

Knowing that Twitter wouldn’t be enough she decided to write a powerful piece on how she is treated by people on social media and even by actual media outlets.

Ever since high school, I’ve been called a slut. All the boys were attracted to me—that wasn’t my fault! Then, when I started getting famous, the shaming got even worse. All these messed up stories came out about me, and I was like, “That’s not true! I’m not that kind of girl!” But even things I had done—things a man would never be judged for—got me lots of hate.

After my ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and I got a divorce, I’d go out for a date at a restaurant like any normal single human and people would say, “Man, she’s such a ho. She’s out at restaurants with guys.” Then they would see my ex-husband with a bunch of women. They would say, “He’s the man! That’s so cool.” So when I went on a date, I’m a whore, and when he’s piling girls in a car, he’s the man? There’s something wrong here.

It wasn’t just men saying these types of things. There were a lot of women saying hateful things to me. I was getting torn down constantly. But in the past year, I’ve just started not caring.

People would actually say things like, “Who would ever love you? You were a stripper. Why are you in relationships?” And I used to feel like I had to explain that maybe it was because I’m a good person.

But I realized that I can’t make everyone believe. And I can’t talk to everyone and tell them who I really am. They’re still going to have their own opinions. If you know me, you love me. If you don’t know me, you might love me, but you might not—and that’s cool. And you know what? Now I sleep like a baby at night.

It wasn’t even that hard to stop caring what other people thought. I wasn’t married, and I didn’t have a boyfriend so I didn’t have to care about anyone else’s feelings or protect anyone’s heart. I thought, “This is my life. This is about me. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m going to do anything and everything I want with my own life.”

What I’ve realized is that, when you care too much, you’re not living at your full potential. When you really stop caring about what people say, that’s when you really start living. It’s such an amazing feeling. It’s about loving who you are, owning who you are and knowing that it’s O.K. to live your life how you want to live it. We’re all human, which means we’re not all perfect. It’s so cool to think that I might help women think about who they want to be and then encourage them to be that person with no remorse. I want to help women just be happy in their own skin.

So please: Before you judge someone—especially another woman—put yourself in her shoes and also look at your past. That’s what a lot of women fail to do. They’re so quick to call another girl names, but it’s like: You know what? There may have been a time where you looked back and said, “I probably shouldn’t have done that.” Does that make you a ho? No, it makes you a human.

All that I can say is good for you Amber because it is true. People have tried to drag this woman through the mud for embracing her sexuality. The double standard in this country, and through out the world is truly insane.

Amber I stand behind you with this powerful essay and although there will be backlash, understand that you have been able to truly reach people with your message.

You can’t let people disrespect you and you have to stand up for yourself, remember that.

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Read Emma Thompson’s Emotional Tribute To Friend Alan Rickman

Emma Thompson just released an extremely touching tribute to her friend, and also her frequent costar Alan Rickman who passed away Thursday (January 14th) due to cancer.

Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times shared Thompson’s tribute which reads as follows:

Alan was my friend and so this is hard to write because I have just kissed him goodbye.

What I remember most in this moment of painful leave-taking is his humour, intelligence, wisdom, and kindness. His capacity to fell you with a look or lift you with a word.

That intransigence which made him the great artist that he was — his inedible and cynical wit, the clarity with which he saw most things, including me, and the fact that he never spared me the view. I learned a lot from him.

He was the finest of actors and directors. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do with his face next. I consider myself hugely privileged to have worked with him so many times and to have been directed by him.

He was the ultimate ally. In life, art and politics. I trusted him absolutely.

He was, above all things, a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again.

Alan will absolutely be missed by many and many stars have already poured their hearts onto social media saying nothing but good things about this man.

Emma and Alan appeared in Love Actually, Judas Kiss, Sense and Sensibility, The Song of Lunch, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. 


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Alec Baldwin Quits His Public Life In Essay Format


If you want to read the whole essay, it is right here! It is long, just a heads up. Go ahead and enjoy that roller coaster or you can just read my summary, either way works for me!

Listen this is an extremely well written essay by Alec explaining on how he is treated unfairly, at points I actually found myself feeling bad for him. Then I remembered something. He is Alec Fucking Baldwin, he is the guy who told his 13 year old daughter (well then 13 year old daughter) that she was a pig. Do you guys remember that? I do, I remember it because I was roughly that age and disgusted that someone would cal his child that.

Alec Baldwin is one of the bad guys in Hollywood. In this essay he says that Shia is one of the bad guys and guess what, Shia is a fucking nut, but these two are on the same level. Shia just plagiarizes and puts on weird art shows, Alec attacks paparazzi. Although Shia has been known to get into fights here and there.

Like i said previously this is a very well written essay but I feel as though it is more of a persuasive essay than an actual about me essay. He is trying to prove to the world that the media makes him out to be someone he isn’t, guess what, that is what the media does. I didn’t see him complaining when he was making a ton of money on 30 Rock. Now that he has no work lined up, he is setting the record straight? Come on.

Alec Baldwin will probably get work again but I hope that people don’t buy into this feel sorry for me bullshit. You live in a gorgeous apartment in New York City and have more money than I will ever have. I do not pity you, I also do not envy you. Alec Baldwin grow up.