Danny Amendola & Olivia Culpo Couple Up At The 2017 ESPYS Awards

oliva danny join steph ayesha at espy awards 2017 023927109photo credit 

Can Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo  just get married already? Just propose already Danny, we all know it’s going to happen!

This couple is the hottest supermodel/football player couple in the entire world. I mean that too, sorry Tom and Gisele.

Other than them looking incredible together, there’s no other news to report!

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Steph Curry & Ayesha Curry Walk The 2017 ESPYS Red Carpet Together

The first couple of the NBA looked absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet at the ESPYS. This couple always documents their love on social media and whatever red carpet that they can to remind the world how in love they are.

These two should annoy me but they just don’t, Steph and Ayesha are just a beautiful couple.

All I can say is that they are probably the best looking couple on the red carpet, that’s all I can say.

Keep on slaying.


Russell Wilson Looks Handsome At The 2017 ESPYs

Tonight the ESPY awards are on and it is basically just a bunch of athletes talking about how awesome they are, a lot of people patting backs and shit like that. It is actually very boring but there are also some inspiring stories that make you tear up.

I will say its always nice to see athlete’s dressed up, I think that we can agree with that.

Russell Wilson showed up looking damn fine.

I am pretty sure that Russell showed up stag but Ciara is probably home taking care of her son Future Jr and their little girl.

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Dwanye Wade & Gabrielle Union Look Incredible At The ESPY Awards!

Last night Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union walked the red carpet at the ESPY Awards and they looked insanely good. The two of them have been married since 2014, and I have been obsessed with them since. They just look so good together and are absolutely adorable on Snapchat, sexual, but adorable.

The two of them definitely showed up though. Dwayne is incredible handsome and Gabrielle? She doesn’t age. I swear she has looked the same since “Bring It On” in fact, she may look even better now!

In case you didn’t know the ESPYS are basically like the Oscars for sports, so it is definitely a big night. In my opinion this couple took home the best dressed couple of the night.

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