Ten Songs To Prove That We Need To Appreciate O-Town !

Before One Direction were put together on a reality television show, there was O-Town. The band was put together by Lou Pearlman, the guy who found Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC , no big deal or anything.

Anyway, Lou put together the show ‘Making The Band’, where he found five good looking guys who looked the part, could dance, and could sing in perfect harmony.

It was there that the band O-Town was put together.

I feel like over the years people only really focus on Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC when it comes to the 90’s and early 2000’s. Yes, they were definitely the two dominant ones but I think that both 98 Degrees and O-Town have been looked over.

Now, I have already talked about why 98 degrees should have been more appreciated, but now it is time to appreciate O-Town. Clearly I am passionate about my boy bands, judge away, but you know you love them too!

O-Town has made a big comeback too, Ashley Parker Angel decided not to join them but they are still selling out all of their shows.

For the record, my reasons are songs because I genuinely believe that their vocals should be more appreciated!

10. Sexiest Woman Alive

9. Baby I Would

8. Lines and Circles

7. Chasin’ After You

6. We Fit Together

5. Every Six Seconds

4. Skydive

3. These Are The Days

2. Liquid Dreams

1.All of Nothing

So there you have it, there are ten songs why we should appreciate O-Town more. They deserve more recognition!

They made their mark on the boy band world, put some respect on their name.

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O-Town Releases First Single In 10 Years “Skydive”!


This is a big day for all 90, early 2000’s boy band loving people, O-Town is officially back! With the release of their new song ‘Skydive’ it only proves that they can do this comeback without Ashley Parker Angel. The song is a banger, it is straight fire and anyone who doesn’t like it, well you can go elsewhere.

‘Skydive’ is going to be my new obsession, I can already tell that. When I go to the club, “Play Skydive” even if the DJ asks me what song it is, I will simply bring up soundcloud on my phone and jam to it. Yes it is a slow tack but I can do that interpretive dance shit to it.

In my opinion O-Town is actually a really important band because it was the first music making experiment, whether people want to admit that or not. This band was formed by people all trying out for it, only men though. P.Diddy also didn’t have anything to do with it so these guys were the OG of the whole singing talent show obsession we have now.

“‘Skydive’ brings us back to what we are known for; a powerfully produced ballad with equally powerful performances, except this time with a unique request to our fans – ‘Will you take a leap of faith with us?’,” Estrada said in a statement to MTV News of the track, their first offering since 2002′s O2.

Yes, O-Town I will take a giant leap of faith on your new song and your new album which they will be releasing August 3rd, it will be called Lines & Circles, which is a pretty bad ass name. It sounds like something Coldplay or One Republic would use, right?

Be sure to click the link above or this one https://soundcloud.com/all-about-the-melody.

After 10 Years O-Town Is Making A Comeback!

You know I can’t even lie, I am extremely excited for this reunion. “All Or Nothing” is probably one of the greatest songs to come out of the early 2000’s, yeah I said it! That song is seriously incredible, best song that O-Town ever put out. I wish they would sing it at my wedding! I don’t even care!

There is one thing missing from this video though, I think all avid O-Town lovers will notice it too. Ashley Parker Angel, what? Why wouldn’t they have him in this? He was the only one to make some what of a splash after the band broke up! Ashley Parker Angel was basically the Nick Carter of the group, the heartthrob. No one really knows any of the other ones. Jacob, he is known, he had dreadlocks, that is why I remember him!

Anyway, i hope that Ashley Parker Angel comes back so we can have the whole band back together for a few shows.

PS. If you guys need a gig I need someone to sing ‘All Or Nothing’ to me at any point in time.