Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka Are Engaged!

Paris Hilton has officially found love with actor Chris Zylka! Over the weekend Chris got down on one knee and asked Paris to marry him in Aspen.

Listen say what you will about Paris but she was the first person to be able to brand herself as being famous for nothing. We can also thank her for ‘The Simple Life’ one of my all time favorite reality shows, so I still have love for her.

The couple have been together for just about a year and haven’t been shy about hiding their love for one another. Chris got Paris’ named tattooed on his forearm and Paris has boasted about their love before.

One thing is for sure, her wedding is going to be dope.

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Engaged!

Image result for prince harry and meghan markle

Hey there, I know that I have been a bit MIA but what better way to come back than to talk about this news? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally announced their engagement.

I know that I have missed a Joe Jonas engagement, Selena and Justin getting back together, a lot of messy celebrity scandals. This is really what made me want to write again.

All I can say is good for both of them! I am so happy that Prince Harry is marrying a simple commoner. Okay, well she is an actress so maybe not too much of a commoner, but she has no royalty in her bloodline.

She went from being a suitcase girl on ‘Deal or No Deal’ and now she is going to be a princess. Those are some goals if I ever heard them!

I can’t wait to see their gorgeous mixed babies.

I am so happy about this you’d think that I will actually be invited to this wedding.

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Cassadee Pope & Rian Dawson Have Ended Their Engagement

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Cassadee Pope who won ‘The Voice’  a few seasons back and her fiance Rian Dawson have called their engagement off.

The two of them had been dating for an extremely long time, I feel like it was over seven years, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, the couple confirmed today that they are no longer together but remain friends, as always. Never forget that celebrities are always friends after a break up.

So there’s that!

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Couple Gets Engaged In Front Of Celine Dion, Her Reaction Is Everything

My love for Celine Dion is endless, I think that she is probably one of my all time favorite celebrities. She is kind of a weirdo but whatever, I love her anyway.

Well a couple got engaged in front of her over the weekend, and her reaction was everything. Clearly she had no idea what was going to happen, and I am so glad that the photographer took multiple photos to capture the moment.

Dear future husband, where ever you are out there. If you propose to me in front of Celine Dion or Backstreet Boys  I will die. So wait until after the meet and greet but let them know so we can go up on stage during the concert.

It was reported that Celine wished them a lifetime of happiness.

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Iggy Azalea & Nick “Swaggy P” Young End Their Engagement

I am seriously so sick of couples announcing breakups on social media. There is nothing more annoying in my opinion. You aren’t married, you’re simply breaking up. No more engagement, move on.

That’s what Nick gets for being a cheater though, right? Iggy can’t trust him, so she kicked him to the curb. Let me clear that any 30 year old man who continues to be called “Swaggy P” can not be taken seriously.

Good for you Iggy, I am glad that you realized cheaters rarely change their spots.

Here is their announcement

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Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Have Split Up!

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have called off their engagement, sources exclusively tell

“Their three years together just ran its course,” our source tells JJ. “They have so many great memories together but couldn’t make it work in the end. The break-up was amicable – there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and Evan are even still friends!” (

Thank God this relationship is over, it was the worst. I remember everyone thought that they were so cute, but like they were violent. There would be pictures of them fighting in the street, and remember when Emma punched him right in the face? Yeah, that shit ain’t cool. Domestic violence is domestic violence.

Also, I hope that this whole Evan Peters obsession ends soon. He is not attractive, stop tricking your mind into believing that he is.

Emma, you’ll be fine. I think you’re a secret bitch but I think you will be fine.

Nikki Reed Shows Off Massive Engagement Ring From Ian Somerhalder!

Nikki Reed Engagement Ring

Just in case you weren’t aware these two beautiful creatures are now engaged, in fact they have been for a little while. This is the first time that Nikki is showing off that massive rock though. Before I go any further, can we just say what we are all thinking? I wish I was her. Yup, Ian is one of the hottest men on television and he cares about the planet and animals. I mean who doesn’t love a hottie with a heart of gold?

Now that I got that out of my system, let me continue. These two have only publicly been together since about July, but I think this one may last. They both are beautiful, so that helps. They both care about our planet, and they have already adopted a ton of animals together. How precious is that?

After reading some comment sections I have found out that not many people are aware of who Nikki Reed is. They know her from being the bad bitch Rosalie from ‘Twilight’ but that is it. Let me give you some facts about Nikki Reed and why I love her so much. First and foremost she co-wrote and starred in one of the best movies of all time ‘Thirteen’. It is a movie I have seen probably a hundred times, and I will force my children to watch. Drugs are bad kids, don’t do drugs. She was also on ‘The O.C.’ another thing I was obsessed with. Of course her character was dating Ryan, I wanted Ryan and Marissa together, so I hated her, but that isn’t the point!

Congrats to the happy couple and I hope that you two have insanely attractive children together and save the world together too!

It’s Official, Big Sean & Naya Rivera Called Off Their Engagement

ImageCan we be honest? If anyone really surprised that they two are no longer together? They have been together for about eight months or some shit, already got engaged, now they are broken up. Recently people are saying that Naya is trying to be the next Kim Kardashian so going through rappers could be her thing, right? Just trying to get her name out there by dating up and coming rappers.

Recently in a song Big Sean rapped about how Naya was “on glee and shit, probably making more money than me and shit” maybe that had something to do with the break up. Naya was too rich? No, that is a joke. People are saying that she is too jealous, some shit like that.

Naya did send out a pretty funny text claiming that Big Sean stole some of her Rolex watches and he is saying that is nothing but a lie.

I can see this feud going on for years to come. We can be sure that Big Sean continues to date B list actresses and Naya continues to date B list rappers.

Oh young love.

Amber Heard Will Soon Be Amber Depp


Now I am not sure how soon is soon but Amber Heard is doing something so good that Johnny Depp had to put a ring on it. This couple met on the set of his movie ‘Rum Diary’ while he was still with his ex of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis. Quickly after the release of the movie, the couple broke up and Amber stopped being a lesbian and moved on to Depp. Yeah, that’s right, this blonde beauty was a lesbian for a while, Johnny Depp changed her mind though apparently.

Right when they started to day things got hot fast, Depp named a private island or some shit after her. I wish I had someone to name a private island after me! They have always been pretty quiet about their relationship until recently though so good for them finally feeling comfortable enough to share how beautiful they are with the rest of us little ugly people of the world.

How bad do you think that Vanessa Paradis feels though? Homegirl was with this weird artist for 14 years and then boom, he leaves her for a hot young thing. Well I would probably leave someone for Heard too but that isn’t the point! She said recently that she isn’t bitter but can you imagine what she is plotting? She will probably end up dating Clooney or something as a big fuck you to Depp.

Anyway, good luck to these two and good job for sinking your nails into Depp’s back Amber, you nabbed one of the sexiest men of all time.

Demi Lovato & Creepy Fez will get engaged?


Demi Lovato has been grabbing headlines quite a bit lately for a few reasons. She confirmed that after two seasons of sitting on the judging panel for The X Factor USA she won’t be returning for another go round, if the show returns in spite of its lackluster ratings. She has also decided that it’s time to open up about the drug use that landed her in rehab three years ago. We now know that at her worst Demi couldn’t last more than 30 minutes without needing to feed her cocaine addiction. She has admitted to doing lines while flying first class after everyone around her had fallen asleep.

Demi has often talked about how she has purposely decided to speak up about her struggles to help inspire other young girls to get help, maybe like Selena Gomez? Along the way it seems like Demi has been inspired by Wilmer Valderrama, which is kind of ironic since he used to be considered one of Hollywood’s biggest bad boys that really likes to party. I kind of have to wonder if hanging with him helped to fuel Demi’s bad habits. The two had dated before Demi went to rehab and in the last 6 months or so it seems that they have rekindled things. The two have been spotted together often – everywhere from a lowkey Starbucks run to a Kanye West concert and Wilmer has tweeted his love and support for Demi on more than one occasion.

It looks like things could be getting more serious because on Nov. 20th Wilmer was spotted at Tiffany & Co buying what very well may have been an engagement ring with the inscription, “With you and by you always”, which seems to have special meaning for the couple. Do you think that an engagement is in the works here? Demi has done a lot of living in just 21 years. Do you think that she’s ready to get married to Wilmer at this point? Do you think that he has cleaned up his act too? 

So, there are certain couples in Hollywood that I will not stand for. The first one being Rihanna and Chris Brown, the second one is Demi Lovato and Fez. I think that Fez is a little creepy Venezuelan man who just wants to be famous but can’t seem to get famous. I mean he is 33 and hanging out with Joe Jonas constantly so that is terrifying to begin with. Most people think it is because Demi lOvato is on my list of people I would be lesbian for in a heartbeat, which is true, she is. Wilmer Valderrama is just a fucking creepy dude. I mean he was like 21 when he dated a 16 year old Mandy Moore, then he was 26 when he dated an 18 year old Lindsay Lohan. Are we following people?

There was a time though when Wilmer was spotted making out with Minka Kelly, and I thought that maybe he was out of the kiddie pool. Then Demi took him right the fuck back. Mistakes were made, big mistakes.

Another reason why this couple drives me fucking insane is because they refuse to admit they are a couple. Nothing frustrates me more than that. If you are going to date, at least fucking own that shit. Don’t sit there like, uhmm I don’t know, maybe we are. I understand celebrities want to keep their personal lives personal but if they would just admit to dating then maybe people wouldn’t care so much about their relationship.

How bad would it suck though if this were true. Fez was trying to be all coy and secretive about it then it gets blasted all over the internet.Maybe if you didn’t hide your relationship no one would care, boom!