Kit Harington Looks Dapper On The Emmys’ Red Carpet

I am one of the only people in the world that doesn’t watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ but I can appreciate Kit Harington‘s face. I think that everyone out there can.

Let us bow down to Jon Snow and his perfectly curled locks, his scruffy face, and his perfectly fit suit.

Bless us all.

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Regina King Is A Vision On The Emmys’ Red Carpet

The queen Regina King looked absolutely gorgeous on the Emmys red carpet. My lawd girl! I love Regina King, she is nominated for ‘American Crime’ and I am going to nominate her as one of the best dressed women of the right.

Regina is always elegant and beautiful.

This may sound weird, I absolutely love her voice too. Just her speaking voice is great, I could listen to her read the phone book.

Okay, that’s enough being a weirdo but Regina keep on slaying!

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Check Out The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast On The Emmy’s Red Carpet!

I am pretty sure that ‘Stranger Things‘ is going to take over the world. They are all just so damn likable! Cast members Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin walked down the red carpet for the Emmy’s looking incredible.

I have to say out of the three? Caleb rocked it. He looks so damn dapper. Of course Gaten looks great and Millie looks beautiful but Caleb? He is on a whole different level!

Although the whole cast isn’t there, these kids are all future stars. I have a feeling we will be seeing them all on red carpets for a long time to come.

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Tori Kelly Looks Stunning On The Emmy’s Red Carpet

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Oh my god! The Emmy’s are on tonight and all of the arrivals are currently happening. Can we all just take a second to appreciate how incredible Tori Kelly looks? We all know that Tori can’t do any wrong, well for the most part she can’t and this continues to prove that she always looks good. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, she is absolutely gorgeous.

I wish that I had more insight on fashion other than saying how beautiful she is, but it’s all I got! Don’t hate on it!

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night for fashion.

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Man Crush Monday: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm has finally won the Emmy that he has deserved for the past 8 years! Honestly I never got into ‘Mad Men’, but considering the buzz it had I am surprised it took him this long to get an award for the role.

I am honestly kind of bummed that Jon didn’t walk the red carpet because I always love his interviews, he is pretty hilarious but it is understandable. Earlier this month he and his long time love split up so he probably didn’t want to have to deal with all those questions. So I forgive you Jon!

I think we will be seeing Jon for many years to come in both serious roles and in comedic roles, personally I can’t wait! He is a very versatile actor and super hot so he is basically the complete package.

Happy Monday!

Tell me here Celebrities Are Tragic who should be the next man crush Monday!

The Best & Worst Dressed At The 2015 Emmy Awards!

Now the last awards season I had some help from guest bloggers when it came to fashion. Specifically I had help from the Cohn sisters when it came down to the Oscars’ red carpet last year. Both Emily and Hannah know what is going on and I highly reccomend you follow them on Twitter and Youtube. Emily is at @Emilyf_cohn while Hannah’s handle is @HannahE_Beauty. Oh and if that isn’t enough these two ladies also run their own make up tutorial site on Youtube, check out Hannah Cohen Beauty and keep up with all of the latest make up trends.

Now I give over my blog to the Cohn girls!

The 67th annual primetime Emmy awards has officially kicked off award season. We will say that we expected a lot from these beautiful people and well they delivered. We watch E! Religiously and we never miss a live from the red carpet event. The trends we saw tonight included: whites, cranberry reds, blush tones and embellishments. In terms of makeup we saw bold red lips, subtle grey Smokey eyes (yeah we are looking at you, girl who did Amy Schumer’s Smokey eye and got a SO for it!), bold brows, and glowy skin. (Partly due to the 100-degree heat but man, did the ladies work it.) If you had a smart hair stylist, then gave you a stylish up do or sculpted ponytail.  We applaud the girls who tried to have curls, but humidity is not your friend and then ended up not even looking like they did their hair. There is always next year ladies! SO let’s get into it! We have three best dressed and three worst dressed.

1.Emma Roberts

            Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham. This screams elegance and Hollywood glamour. Everything form the silhouette to the beautiful side swept hair  (kudos to that hair stylist! ) When we saw her it literally stopped us in our tracks. (Actively eating pizza during the pre show because that’s what you do when you’re not interviewing celebs (Emily) or doing their makeup (Hannah)! Again, her dress is a beautiful blush tone pink with a deep v neck-line. One word to describe this look would be: Stunning.

2.Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland in Zac Posen. Girllll, this look is amazing. We feel like Sarah always kills it on the red carpet. She is very petite and is always dressed to fit her best.  We LOVED that deep red cranberry color that her dress is. How perfect for fall. Her swooping structured neck line is everything.  Her hair and makeup looked effortless. Here jewelry was also perfection,  we loved how the earrings and arm cuff matched perfectly. One word to describe this look would be: gorgeous.

3. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs. In our opinion, Kerry can do no wrong. She always slays on the red carpet and tonight she did not disappoint. During the interviews, we didn’t even realize that her dress was not floor-length and when we saw that it was short, we loved it even more. Two words: Flapper Mermaid and we mean that in the best way possible. Her makeup  matched so well with her dress. That dress had so much going on, we were happy that her hair and makeup were simple yet classy. One word to describe this look:  Iconic.

Worst Dressed

            We do have to say that as long as these women felt there best then that is all that matters! These are just our opinions based on our personal style. (Clearly they are much nicer than @WilliKilliams because she never puts a disclaimer on her feelings.)

1.Jaimie Alexander

\Jamie Alexander in Armani Prive. It was just too much. Between the sparkle and the colors. It was just very loud for the Emmys. This would have been awesome at the Grammys or the MTV music video awards.

2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum in Versace. She is all about fashion risks and we appreciate this, but we think this just missed the mark. Her right side would have been pretty if it didn’t have that half jacket, one sleeve thing going on. It just looked so incomplete.

3. Claire Danes

Claire Danes in Prada. The color is stunning, just honestly those chains just threw the whole look off for us.

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Amy Poehler Is The Best Part Of Awards Season

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Let’s be real, Amy Poehler is the best part of awards season, that is seriously all that you can say. I mean she is always doing hilarious things, making faces, sitting on George Clooney’s lap. It is a damn shame that her and Tina aren’t hosting the Golden Globes this year.

In reality Amy is usually only a part of The Emmy Awards and The Golden Globes, I don’t think she has ever presented at the Oscars or Sag Awards but I know she doesn’t present at The Grammys. It is insane that after only being in two shows she always owns the award season. I love it.

Amy Poehler is a legend and it is a mistake that she never won for “Parks and Recs” because she is absolutely hilarious. I know that everyone is aware of how funny she is, but I still feel like she is pretty underrated for her comedy. Her timing, punch lines, and everything else is absolutely perfect.

I just want to say thank you Amy for making even the most boring of awards shows awesome because you are awesome. Also I still think you should have won.

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John Stamos Looks Incredible On The 2015 Emmy’s Red Carpet!

John Stamos

John Stamos, have mercy! I swear this man just keeps getting better. I mean he is 52 and still better looking than most men in Hollywood.

There really isn’t much more to say other than he is one of the most handsome men of all time! Thanks for aging like a fine glass of wine.

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