Julian Edelman Shares New Photo With Daughter Lily

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For the past two weeks Julian Edelman has been busy celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl comeback win. He’s been on morning talk shows, late night talk shows, and really just all over the place since he is one of the key players on the team.

It looks like Edelman is finally ready for some downtime though. After a long season, he is now content spending some time with his daughter. That’s right. In case you didn’t know Edelman introduced his daughter to the world on Instagram back in early December.

Now it looks like Edelman is content hanging out with his daughter and watching golf until training for next season starts up.

Swoon city, right?

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Man Crush Monday: Julian Edelman

As many people know last night the New England Patriots took home the Lombardi trophy, beating the Seattle Seahawks in a nail biting game. Know who was one of the biggest reasons that they won? This man right here. This beautiful man Julian Edelman. Maybe I am a bit bias because I am a Patriots fan but Edelman is the hottest guy in the league, hands down. I mean he looks like David Beckham, dayum!

Back in September I said that Julian was the hottest player in the league (https://lagunabiotchcelebritea.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/the-top-ten-hottest-nfl-players-to-welcome-football-season/) and I stand by my choice! Julian may be a little guy, but he is hot as hell.

Julian is coming in hot at 5’10” weighing 198, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and being only 28! Yeah he has a lot of hot years ahead of him and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!

I am very aware that not many people are big fans of the Patriots, which I understand. I wouldn’t be a fan of a team that was constantly the best either. I mean for a while I hated the Yankees, so I understand. But let’s put aside out differences and just look at this beautiful man and appreciate his face.Okay?

Happy Man Crush Monday!!

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