Man Crush Monday : Ed Sheeran

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Usually I try not to ever repeat a Man Crush Monday, and I am honestly not sure if I have written one about Ed Sheeran before. A part of him thinks that I have but then the other part doesn’t care because he deserves to get the title twice.

Right now Ed is probably the biggest artist on the planet. His recent album ‘Divide’ is at the top of the charts, he is performing all over award shows and late night, and he is now comfortable to be shirtless.

That’s an absolute glow up if you ask me.

Really though, Ed is by far one of my favorite artists right now. He writes his own music, plays guitar, and his live performance is insane. It’s just him, his guitar, and some kind of mixing soundboard that he put together.

Ed thanks for writing songs that make us all fall even more in love with you.

Happy Monday!

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Music Monday : “Shape Of You (Remix)” – Merkules

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I have heard a lot of covers of “Shape Of You”, whenever Ed Sheeran puts out a song it’s immediately covered by a million people on YouTube, some are bad, some are good, ubut only few are incredible. Right when he I heard Merkules rapping over the “Shape Of You” beat my jaw dropped. This is what I like to call incredible.

This is the first I have heard about Merkules but he seems to have a pretty serious following on social media who it wouldn’t surprise me if he blew up shortly. Especially with his word play and his flow. I am all about it.

I don’t know much about him, there isn’t much info on his Facebook or Twitter but I just know that I am a big fan of him. I can’t wait to hear what else he will release!

Make sure to check out his Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and his YouTube so you can keep up with all of his new music and updates.

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Ed Sheeran Releases New Song “How Would You Feel (Paean)”

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This song is very sweet, that is something that I am sure of. I think it sounds beautiful and reminds me of some good ol’ Ed Sheeran love songs.

The first three songs that Ed has released from his new album have all sounded different. It kind of makes me think about what his album has in store of us. So far it really seems like it is going to be all over the place. No cohesive sound really.

I think that this is my favorite one of the three though, it’s a beautiful love song. That simple.

Today is also Ed’s birthday so shout out and thank you for all of the bops! Happy birthday!

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Ed Sheeran Goes Shirtless In New “Shape Of You” Music Video

Damn Ed Sheeran you’ve changed!

Number one, he has a new scar on his face from being hit by a sword from one of the royal cousins, I think it was Beatrice or something. I mean if I got a facial scar it would be kind of cool for it to be hit by sword, cool because it didn’t take his eye out of course.

Where was I going with that sword rant? Oh right, reason number two he has changed. In one of his older songs he sang “I’m a singer that you never want to see shirtless”, well it looks like he got some confidence because in this video he takes it off!

Get it Ed!

Also the female lead in the video, Jennie Pegouski is definitely body goals.

Solid video, plot twist at the end but I have to admit, this song has grown on me.

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Ed Sheeran Releases “Castle On The Hill” Music Video

When I first heard this song I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I still don’t think it is Ed’s strongest lead single that he has put out but after a few listens I don’t think that it is all that bad. In reality Ed sounds like an angel so it makes everything sound even better. He could sing the phone book and it would probably go platinum.

I do think that after seeing the music video, I gained a lot more respect for the song. Maybe that sounds weird but having that visual aid helped me. It is very relatable because once you get older everything changes. Even if there aren’t major changes, the changes that do happen are noticeable.

Let me add one thing. Ed looks damn fine in this video.

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Ed Sheeran & Emma Bunton Cover Spice Girls Hit “Goodbye”

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Is there anything that Ed Sheeran can’t sing? I mean seriously, he can sing covers of anything, he can also rap, the talent is just off the charts with him. He is also so damn likable, another thing I think we as people can agree on.

Yesterday he appeared on a radio station in London, which I assume is called Heart London and sang a duet with Emma Bunton. You know Emma, Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton, the one we all wanted to be. Well maybe not everyone, but most people I knew.

Without making you wait another second, here are the two of them covering “Goodbye”, and it looks like Ed is bushing which makes it even better.


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Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Castle On The Hill” On BBC1

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Listen I am a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, I have seen him twice and one of them was at his first stadium performance ever. I am really a big fan, but this “Castle On The Hill” song, I feel like I have heard it before.

There’s no question that this song sounds like most of his other songs. It reminds me of “Photograph”. The lyrics are fun and all but I genuinely feel like I have heard Ed Sheeran sing this song before.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, the lyrics are great, it just sounds very similar to his other songs.

Also I love the scar that Princess Beatrice gave him while she was pretending to knight him. That’s what happens when you’re drunk and play with swords.

I do like “Shape Of You” much better than “Castle On The Hill” but it kind of reminds me of Sia, right?

Come on Eddy, you can do better. I am still excited for the new album though!

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Ed Sheeran Teases New Music & Album Title

Ed Sheeran took 2016 off from releasing new music, touring, and stayed off of social media for the most part, that’s all over now though!

Yesterday Ed let the world know that on Friday he will be releasing a new song. A song that we need desperately. Sure, we still had some Ed music to get us through the start of 2016 but it was a tough year without that beautiful voice.

So far all we know is that he is releasing an unnamed single on Friday, and his album will most likely be called “÷“, his other two albums were named “+” and “x”. Glad to see that he is sticking with mathematical symbols.

Check out the hints below!

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Ed Sheeran Serenades Young Hospitalized Superfan


I’m not crying you’re crying, okay maybe I am crying too. Ed Sheeran decided to perform for one of his youngest superfans. Her name is Melody and according to her parents she has been hospitalized for about 80% of her life.

Melody suffers from a rare disease called Rett Syndrome. Although she can now walk or talk her mother says that he can understand everything. Ever since 2014, Melody has always enjoyed Sheeran’s music, rocking back and forth to it in her hospital bed, the nurses even play it during procedures to keep her calm.

Sheeran stopped by the Epsom Hospital in Surrey on November 9th to play a special mini concert for Melody.

Take a second to watch Melody enjoy her time with one of her favorite musicians.  Good work Ed, you’re a class act.

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Niall Horan Officially Signs Solo Recording Contract!

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Well it looks like One Direction is not coming back, right? Niall Horan has officially signed on with Universal Music to start his own solo album. As of right now Harry, Liam, and Niall are all now solo artists.

According to reports, Simon isn’t very happy with Niall since he was supposed to sign with Simon’s SyCo label, but Universal came in with a better contract so he went with them!

Niall has reportedly put together a good amount of songs and is trying to steer away from the boy band feel that he has been a part for the last couple of years. He has reportedly also been working with his good friend Ed Sheeran, so I am guessing that Niall is going to go that route.

Congrats to the singer though! I didn’t expect him to jump off the One Direction boat so quickly but I can’t wait to hear his new stuff!

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