Ryan Seacrest Is Attractive, Right?

So as the 2015 awards season wraps up that means no more red carpet interviews done by Ryan Seacrest, for a little while at least. After watching him on the Grammy’s red carpet I decided that I had a very important question to ask my friends. Ryan Seacrest is hot, right? Most of them actually disagreed with me! I mean, I wasn’t expecting the intensity that they disliked him but they really disliked him.

So I am here to make a statement. I am here to say that Ryan Seacrest is an incredible attractive man, and I am here to say it loud and proud! For the past about 15 years or so Ryan has been a household name since he first started to host American Idol. When Ryan stuck around for the second season and they dumped Dunkleman I knew that Ryan was going to have super star power. Now, did I really think that he would basically be the next Dick Clark? Nope, but hey, I don’t hate it.

Ryan also kind of reminds me of that kid in high school that you thought was gay but you were never really sure. Like you were attracted to him but you were like, I don’t know if you are buying what I am selling type of thing.

Still though, my question is, is Ryan Seacrest attractive? Let me put down some stats.

1. He is only 5’8 but most people consider him to be way shorter. I mean 5’8 is shorter than me but hey, I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t allowed to wear heels around him.

2. He is 40 and never married. People hate on him for that but so is Leo DiCaprio, think about that!

3. He has those blue eyes that just don’t quit. Yup, I love them.

4. That jawline. Jawlines do it for me, the end.

5. There is really no point to this article because Ryan Seacrest is banging.

So all your Ryan Seacrest haters can take a back seat because he is going to be around forever, be prepared.

Boom, Ryan is hot.