Joe Jonas Channels His Inner..Zayn Malik?


Well TMZ said it best, Joe Jonas seems to be trying to steal Zayn Malik‘s look. It is kind of uncomfortable the resemblance between the two with this haircut. I mean Zayn is better looking by far, but again it is uncomfortable.

Ever since Joe and Gigi’s break up he has gone to make sure to unfollow Zayn and Gigi along with deleting photos with each of them.

I guess I have to ask, who wore it best? I guess Gigi would be the best judge.

Let me just rant real fast about Joe Jonas, okay? He is the definition of someone who tries too hard. A few years ago he went on to talk about how he wouldn’t lose his virginity to the crazy girl, throwing shade at T.Swift of course, now he is in some weird band and constantly dyes his hair. Be original Joe, it isn’t cute to copy your ex-girlfriends new boyfriend.

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Zayn Malik Shows Off Newly Dyed Green Hair

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You know for someone who wanted to live the life of a normal 22 year old I am going to say that Zayn Malik isn’t doing a very good job. I heard less about him when he was in One Direction. Now it is like every other day there is a story involving him and his hair, or him fighting with someone on Twitter.

If you wanted to just be a solo artist I genuinely believe that Zayn should have just said it. Instead of sitting there dying his hair green and yelling at Louis on Twitter.

Get over yourself you little green slime head. You just wanted to try and be the next JT, when we all know that Harry is going to be the next JT and he didn’t even leave first.