Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake Steal The Show At The 2015 CMA Awards

Now listen, Chris Stapleton you are really incredible. I mean your voice is out of this world and your whole look is well, it is great and everything. But you performed with a living legend. You brought Justin Timberlake to country music and that is why I love you ever more.

Let’s be real, when is Justin going to come out with a country album because honestly, I think he would absolutely crush it. It is pretty clear that JT can sing any genre and be great at it. Notice how I said sing because on one feature he rapped and well, let’s never let that happen again.

Personally I think this will be the most watched thing on Youtube from the whole CMA awards, but I do recommend watching the opening with Brad and Carrie because they are always hilarious.

Anyway, the CMA’s should have just ended after this performance because let’s be real, everything was downhill after that.

Check out Justin and Chris singing and tell me what you think here!