Beyonce & Blue Ivy Look Angelic At The 2016 MTV VMAs

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All I can say about Beyonce’s dress is, wow! I absolutely love her dress and Blue Ivy? Well she looks beautiful too. It’s nice that Blue showed up as her date and I am sure that she will have some awesome dance moves.

In case you missed it, it was just announced that Beyonce will be performing on tonight’s VMAs!

Seriously though, how adorable does Blue Ivy look?

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Emma Watson Wears A Gown Made Of Recycled Materials To 2016 Met Gala

Thank you Calvin Klein & Eco Age for collaborating with me and creating the most amazing gown. I am proud to say it is truly sustainable and represents a connection between myself and all the people in the supply chain who played a role in creating it.

The body of the gown is crafted from three different fabrics, all woven from yarns made from recycled plastic bottles (!). Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet. Being able to repurpose this waste and incorporate it into my gown for the#MetGala proves the power that creativity, technology and fashion can have by working together.

Each and every part of this beautiful gown has been produced with sustainability in mind, even the components that you can’t see. The zippers on the gown are made from recycled materials and the inner bustier has been crafted from organic cotton. Conventional cotton is one of the highest impact crops, using more chemicals than any other crop in the world. Organic cotton on the other hand, is grown without the use of the most harmful chemicals and is therefore better for the environment and people working with cotton. The organic silk used in the lining of my gown is certified to a standard that guarantees the highest environmental and social standards throughout production. It is my intention to repurpose elements of the gown for future use. The trousers can be worn on their own, as can the bustier, the train can be used for a future red carpet look… I’m looking forward to experimenting with this. Truly beautiful things should be worn again and again and again.#30wears

I hope you like it! The ultimate #30Wears!#MetGala2016

Emma xx

Emma Watson is pretty incredible, right? I feel like she isn’t like most 26 year olds out there and she definitely isn’t like most of the women that walked the red carpet last night. Instead of simply doing this for fashion she took the time to put together a dress made of recycled materials, to prove that it can be done and it should be done.

Emma is out there standing up for feminism and saving the world one recycled dress at a time. She is someone that we need to start looking up to.

Maybe that can be the theme for next years Met Gala, outfits made from recycled products, I would be down to see what stars would wear then!

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Emma Stone Stunned At The 2016 Met Gala


I don’t think that Emma Stone has ever looked more beautiful than she did last night. Now don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful woman but last night. I swear she was easily one of the best of the night. Emma and Demi were just absolutely fabulous.

This is the type of stuff I like to see. This is the style I like on people, what does that say about me? I’m not sure, but I am not into the whole weird ass fashion. This has just a bit of flare with the metallic corset and it looks flawless.

Also Emma, love the hair.

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Beyonce Wears A Latex Dress To The 2016 Met Gala

In case you were wondering what Beyonce would look like in a bedazzled condom. There you have it. This is what Beyonce would look like if she was wearing a bedazzled condom.

I also hope that there are no elevator fights tonight, although I kind of hope that there are some elevator fights because I think Beyonce needs more attention lately.

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Did Selena Gomez Hit Or Miss With Her Met Gala Outfit?

Obviously Selena is beautiful but did she miss with this one? I kind of hate everything about it.

I mean I don’t know much about fashion but I feel like compared to everyone else she just sort of missed. Maybe she was going for a 90’s grunge thing and just gave up? I am not sure. The boots are badass but everything else is very bland compared to how everyone else dressed.

So you fashion people tell me, do you love it or hate it? I need to know.

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Demi Lovato Looks Incredible At The 2016 Met Gala

My lord Demi! I don’t think that I have ever seen her look better and I truly mean that. Like I have said over and over again, I don’t know much about fashion but I do know when something looks incredible.

Demi’s hair is beautiful, her dress is beautiful, and that is all that I can say.

Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe how she looks!

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Beyonce Wears Nearly Naked Dress To The 2015 Met Gala!

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So I am guessing that the idea of the Met Ball is to wear almost nothing, but just enough to cover up the goodies. Beyonce literally looks like she had some super glue on her then rolled around in glitter. I mean she is killing it, she looks awesome so I can’t even be mad.

I wonder if Kim and Beyonce made a bet about who could wear a dress but still cover less of their body. I mean I think that Beyonce wins this one.

I’m sorry Kim but Beyonce had the best see through dress at the 2015 Met Gala!

I wonder if Kanye will say that at the end of the night, you know because he is obsessed with Beyonce.

Kim Kardashian Wears Nearly Naked Gown To Met Gala 2015

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, Met Gala 2015

You know what I think? I think that Kim should show up wearing a dress that completely covers everything! Could you imagine the shock people would go through? I don’t think that people would even know what to say! I do understand why she decided to show off her body though. Two years ago she got a lot of shit because she wore an all flower dress and people said that she looked like a couch, and all of that. In reality she was super pregnant and probably should have been at the hospital or something not wearing a tight dress on a red carpet. Since then she has been trying to make up for it, at least that is what I think.

I see you Kanye, I see that fringe look you have going on. Straight up killing it.

I still don’t know what the theme of this years Met Gala is. I am assuming that it is something weird, because everyone is wearing see through things and headpieces.

What Color Is This Dress?










guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out

So I just looked at this like, it’s blue and black obviously and all my friends were like no it’s blue and gold. Now I’m super confused, what is eyesight?

I see it as white and gold. My friend right here sees it as blue and black. I CANT HANDLE THIS

if that’s not gold my entire life has been a lie

I am seeing Blue and Black, how are people seeing it different? Is there some sort of mind sorcery happening here?! 😮

Okay, wtf

i just saw it as gold and white which was weird bc earlier it was blue and black so i thought maybe ye were fucking with me but i went to reblog and now its blue and black again?!1?


My class just had a debate over this. Half sees black and blue, the other half sees gold and white. Someone please explain this…


Update: this thing changed color in front of my fricken face. How does that even happen.

So this is a thing right now, I can’t believe I am even writing this. Tumblr went crazy for this dress. This dress is white and gold, move on! How in the actual hell could this dress be black and blue?

I feel like someone did that black and blue thing as a troll and people just went along with it.

This dress is white and gold, get over it!

Rihanna Changes Her Twitter Avatar To Something Amazing


So many people know that Rihanna is the fiercest bitch on the planet and she is, she is also absolutely hilarious. After everyone calling her out for wearing basically a sheer sheet with Swarovski crystals on it, she changed her Twitter avatar to this. This perfect photo of Peter Griffin wearing the exact same dress.

When she first saw the picture of Peter she probably died laughing, probably had a blunt lit and just cracked up the whole time while looking at it. I mean who wouldn’t? It is pure gold and everyone knows it. She even posted this picture with the caption, he got it.

ImageSo you know what? People can hate on Rihanna for wearing this dress, they can call her whatever but her confidence is insane. If I could look like Rihanna I would love to. I think that most people would. Who cares if she is showing off her boobs and her ass, good for her! Guess what, she still isn’t asking for it! Thought that it was a good time to use that.

Anyway, Rihanna is hilarious, fierce, and perfect. That is all.