Josh Peck Is A Married Man – See The Adorable Photo Here!

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That’s right, Josh from ‘Drake & Josh’ is a married man!

Over the weekend he married his longtime love Paige O’Brien in a small ceremony and today, he took to Instagram to confirm it.

John Stamos was one of the guests in attendance, Drake Bell was not there. No word on if Miranda Cosgrove was there or not.

Good for Josh though, one of the best glow ups of all time if you ask me.

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Foreva eva, foreva eva? – Andre 3000

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Drake Bell Arrested In California on Suspicion Of Driving Under The Influence

Remember back when Bieber go arrested and then Drake Bell went crazy on Twitter fighting with Bieber and Beliebers? Well looks like Drake may have to eat his words a bit right now. He said that he had never been arrested and maybe he spoke too soon?

According to reports Drake was arrested for speeding and driving erratically then taken in by officers. No word on whether or not there was a breathalyzer or anything like that.


Can We Talk About How Hot Josh Peck Is?

Last night I was watching the Teen Choice Awards, realizing how old I am and then this magnificent man walked onto the screen. Oh my god, Josh Peck is a babe now. I mean absolute stud muffin. He went from being that fat funny kid, to being the hot funny guy, good for him!

I don’t really have anything more to say other than Josh Peck is hot. I mean I would have never thought that after ‘Drake and Josh’ that Josh would be the one still around. Don’t be mad at me for saying that, it’s just Drake had that quality. Josh was funny, but it was like Keenan and Kel, I never thought that Keenan would be bigger than Kel, but it happened. Things happen! Life changes and does things you wouldn’t expect!

Apparently Josh is going to be in a new show called ‘Grandfathered’ with John Stamos, so I might have to check into that. I mean those two handsome men on one screen? Have mercy.