Justin Bieber’s First Instagram Post Since Being Arrested Is Horrible.


“‘What more can they say’ ♛.

Justin Bieber had a chance to really say something aobut his arrest, to apologize for his actions and say how he is sorry for bein a bad example. Instead he compared himself to the late and great Michael Jackson. I don’t know if Bieber remembers why Jackson was in jail but it was based on child molestation allegations, I don’t think you want to associate yourself with that.

Honestly, I know that I give Bieber a lot of shit on this blog but these are the reasons why. Here is this young man who could have said something meaningful. He could have said that speeding is bad or something, anything. No, instead he compares himself to the kind of pop. Bieber you have nothing on Michael Jackson, you haven’t had a real hit since your song with Nicki Minaj and at this rate you won’t have another hit for a long time, unless you hit someone with your car because you are driving like a fucking asshole.

Did anyone think anything different would come of this though? That this would suddenly open the eyes of a boy who has been handed everything since the ripe old age of 12. Probably not. Someone on his PR team needs to pull their heads out of their ass because their star is a fucking prick and everyone knows it now.

I am one hundred percent sure that Justin Bieber will never make another come back and be as big as he once was. It is like Chris Brown all over again, he is just a male version of Lindsay Lohan at this point. He is already the pun of most jokes and he will probably always stay that way.

He is taking this all as a joke so I hope that he actually gets into some trouble for this and they make an example out of him.