Penn Badgley& Domino Kirke Get Married – Again!

If this sounds familiar it’s because Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke got married back in February at a small courthouse in Brooklyn.

How hipster of them.

Well it looks like over the weekend the couple decided to have a larger ceremony with their fiends and family!

I have no clue where this ceremony took place but I can tell you that Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing were there! So that’s exciting no matter what!

Judging by the photos it looks like everyone had a good time and Domino wore a tan colored dress.

So congrats again to the happy couple!

I am sad to report, no former ‘Gossip Girl’ co-stars were in attendance. Let’s be real, we know that entire cast dislikes each other.


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Penn Badgley Marries Domino Kirke At Brooklyn Courthouse

Off the market: Penn Badgley is a married man. The Gossip Girl star tied the knot with girlfriend Domino Kirke - whose sisters are actresses Jemima and Lola Kirke - in a courthouse on Monday in Brooklyn

Penn Badgley is no longer a Lonely Boy, that’s for sure. That joke is probably going to be super overused in news outlets covering this story. In case you didn’t know, his character on ‘Gossip Girl’ was nicknamed Lonely Boy.

Now that we have that out of the way, Penn and his girlfriend Domino Kirke went into a Brooklyn courthouse today (February 27th) and got married!

Such a hipster thing to do, right?

The couple had a few guests go with them and Domino’s sisters were also there.

She wore a white lace dress and he wore a navy suit as you can see in the photo above. They also look beyond in love.

I am low key upset that Penn is no longer bleach blonde though.

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