DNCE & Nicki Minaj Team Up In The “Kiss A Stranger” Video

Damn you DNCE for making catchy songs!

Even though I didn’t exactly like “Cake By The Ocean” I still found myself bobbing my head to the song.

Nicki’s verse in this song is absolute fire too, you have to appreciate that she referred to ‘Jem and the Holograms’, which I think was one of the worst films of 2015. Not even trying to be mean, I genuinely think it was voted one of the worst movies.

For the most part, the song is catchy, nothing special and will probably get a ton of radio play so get used to it.

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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Make It Instagram Official

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It really hasn’t been a secret that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been dating for the past few months. They were spotted making out the EMA’s and then spotted from California to New York.

The two hadn’t confirmed or denied anything until today!

Apparently they are on vacation together because Sophie decided to post this candid shot of Joe smoking a cigar while on a boat.

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Miami Daze

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The comments on this photo are absolutely hysterical. There are so many delusional fans that believe they belong with Joe. Unless you are taller than him and blonde, you aren’t his type, bless their hearts though.

I really thought they would break up before the holidays, looks like I was wrong though.

On to 2017 with Jophie.

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Watch JoJo, Alessia Cara And DNCE’s JinJoo Sing “I Can Only” In A Bathroom

Two of my favorite female vocalists hang out in a bathroom and sing their duet. Yup, that’s what is going on here. JoJo and Alessia Cara team up with the Jin Joo from DNCE to sing their duet, in a bathroom. Everyone knows that bathrooms are acoustically perfect so it is pretty awesome.

I can’t lie I am a little mad that I wasn’t in that bathroom. Could you imagine just sitting there minding your business and then just hearing this? Let’s be real they probably made sure that no one was in there but still. It would be pretty amazing to sit there and listen to this live.

In case you didn’t know “I Can Only” is from JoJo’s recent album Mad Love, which you should download because it’s amazing.

Shout out to these two women showing off their raw vocal talent and shout out to Jin Joo for her bad ass guitar skills.

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Joe Jonas Channels His Inner..Zayn Malik?


Well TMZ said it best, Joe Jonas seems to be trying to steal Zayn Malik‘s look. It is kind of uncomfortable the resemblance between the two with this haircut. I mean Zayn is better looking by far, but again it is uncomfortable.

Ever since Joe and Gigi’s break up he has gone to make sure to unfollow Zayn and Gigi along with deleting photos with each of them.

I guess I have to ask, who wore it best? I guess Gigi would be the best judge.

Let me just rant real fast about Joe Jonas, okay? He is the definition of someone who tries too hard. A few years ago he went on to talk about how he wouldn’t lose his virginity to the crazy girl, throwing shade at T.Swift of course, now he is in some weird band and constantly dyes his hair. Be original Joe, it isn’t cute to copy your ex-girlfriends new boyfriend.

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Joe Jonas’ New Band DNCE Releases First Single, ‘Cake By The Ocean’, Listen Here!

First of all, I didn’t even know that Joe Jonas was a part of a new band, let me just throw that out there. I feel like I am not doing my job right now being blindsided by this new band and song all in one day.

I don’t hate this song, I really don’t. I don’t love this song either. I guess I would probably change it if it was on the radio and I was sober, but if I was drunk at a dance floor I would most likely dance to it. I just kind of have no feelings forwards this song. It isn’t bad, it isn’t great.

Joe Jonas needs to realize one thing though, Nick Jonas is currently the supreme Jonas. There is no way that Joe is going to knock Nick off of the pedestal that he is currently standing on. Joe should wait until the Nick’s flame dims just a bit before he goes out and releases new music.

Check out the song below and let me know what you think here, do you hate it? Do you love it? Should I love it? I don’t know how I feel about this song and I need to know how I should feel.