Diplo Claps Back At Katy Perry’s Sex Comments

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Way back in 2014 Katy Perry and Diplo dated for a hot second. Well they were spotted together a few times and she flew out with him to celebrate a birthday. So I mean, they were at least really close for a few months.

In case you weren’t away, Katy has been doing a ‘Big Brother’ type of live stream on YouTube for her album, I think it’s over by now, I didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Well during this live stream, someone called and asked her to rank her sexual partners by her latest boyfriends.

The raking went, Diplo as the worst followed by Orlando Bloom, then John Mayer as the best at sex.

Honestly, I don’t think that there are any surprises in that list. Diplo definitely seems like a taker, not a giver, John Mayer would make his guitar face the whole time, at least Orlando would whisper sweet nothings in his Australian accent.

Well Diplo isn’t happy at being bad at the sex, so he took to Twitter and did what anyone would do, he threw his own damn shade!

He is also proud of his bronze medal.

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Diplo & Kate Hudson Are Reportedly Dating

Photo: Splash News

Can I be totally honest, I feel like this couple was bound to happen. Diplo seems like the weird older guy who is always at the club trying to pick up younger girls, Kate is the cougar at the club sipping her martini’s while she eyes Nick Jonas. It is basically a match made in heaven, right?

There were rumors of these two when they left the Met Gala together back in May, now apparently they are out in Ibiza getting wild together! Of course this is all reported by US Weekly, so that is where we are getting this information from, take it as you wish.

I highly doubt that this will end up being anything but hey, mazel!

Summer romances, can’t get enough of them.

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Are Lorde & The Weeknd Working With Diplo?

I look like I’m a chaperon for Lorde and The Weeknd on a date – Diplo

Last night Diplo posted this on his Facebook and all I can say is that I hope they are all working together. I am not huge into the electronic music fad that is going on right now but I am into The Weeknd and I am super into Lorde, so anything involving the both of them has the potential to be absolutely incredible.

I guess Diplo and Lorde have buried the hatchet too. If you can remember Diplo talked some shit about Taylor Swift and Lorde swooped right in to defend her friend.

Maybe music brought them together though. Music can stop wars or some shit, right?

Would you be excited for this potential musical combination? I would be!

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