Let’s Talk About How Underrated LFO Is !

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Yes, I have written about how both 98 Degrees and O-Town are underrated boy bands but there is one band that I haven’t talked about. LFO, Lyte Funkie Ones, the boy band from Boston.

They had a mix of pop and rap and they were absolute fire. Most people only know their song “Summer Girls” but they had at least a few other bops. How can you forget about “Every Other Time” or “Girl On TV” pop classics that seem to be passed over.

As a band they sold over 4 million albums worldwide.

Unfortunately Rich Cronin passed away in 2010 due to leukemia but it looks like Devin and Brad are putting together some new music.

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane to the LFO bops you forgot you knew.

West Side Story

I Don’t Want To Kiss You Goodnight

Every Other Time

Girl On TV

Summer Girls

So I just want to take a moment and thank LFO for the bops and I am sorry people don’t put respect on your name when talking about 90’s and early 2000’s pop music.

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