Halsey, Sir Paul McCartney, & More Send Love During One Love Manchester

Before the show started, a video was shown featuring a ton of different celebrities sending their love to Manchester.

It is truly beautiful that this brought together so many people, not just celebrities but over 50 different countries were watching live, and I am sure many other countries are watching different clips on YouTube right now.

Take a moment and see all of the shout outs!

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The Demi Lovato & Kathy Griffin Feud Has Been Reignited!

Image result for demi lovato and kathy griffin

Oh shit! Last night Demi threw some serious shade Kathy Griffin after her apology about the Donald Trump photo.

Their weird feud goes all the way back to 2014 when Kathy was asked who the biggest celebrity douche she had ever met was, she responded Debbie (Demi) Lovato. Demi went on to say that she was only a douche to people she couldn’t stand.

Really I love Demi but there have been plenty of reports that she is a lowkey asshole. A lot of people who work on her tour say that she doesn’t even say hi to them. So I mean, maybe Kathy wasn’t wrong.

Anyway, after Kathy apologized about the beheaded Trump photo, Demi spilled some tea with one simple tweet.

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Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes Perform “No Promises” On ‘The Tonight Show’

If Demi and this singer from Cheat Codes had any chemistry then this performance would have been all time. The way that they were trying to flirt was just uncomfortable to watch.

I am grateful that we get to hear Demi serving with those vocals though!

There was zero crowd energy though, so that’s lame as hell.

Give Demi some respect Jimmy Fallon crowd!

Really though I am getting very sick of watching Demi trying to climb the charts with serious bops but not getting the radio play she deserves. She has one of the best voices out there right now but nope, that’s not enough.

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Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato Drop “No Promises” Music Video

Honestly, I have no idea how “No Promises” isn’t getting the spins that it deserves on the radio. It just doesn’t make sense. At the end of the day this is definitely a great summer song.

The music video is kind of weird but Demi looks incredible so that’s all that matters.

Check out the video!

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Demi Lovato &Guilherme ‘Bomba’ Vasconcelos Have Split

Image result for demi and bomba

I genuinely thought that Demi and Bomba would be together for a lot longer. They were so open about their relationship.

According to reports the relationship had simply ran its course. There is apparently no drama or bad blood between the two of them.

This couple has broken up before, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they got back together. If they don’t, at least they gave us some cute Instagram photos.

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Demi Lovato Adds Another Tattoo To Her Collection

As most people know, Demi Lovato has a ton of tattoos. She has them on her wrist, hand, rib cage, her arm, behind her ear I think. She really has a ton of them and probably some that we don’t know about because we can’t see them.

Well we can see this one.

Last night Demi showed off her newest addition, a lion right on the top of her hand.

Why? That’s all I want to know. I understand that she has a song called “Lion Heart”, I understand another appropriate answer would be because she wanted to do it.

Listen, I get it but no. I just, I don’t like it!

It definitely reminds me a lot of Liam Payne‘s hand tattoo, and Demi has already tweeted that she didn’t copy anyone with this tattoo idea.

Check out more photos below and let me know what you think!

Do you hate it or love it?

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Demi Lovato & James Corden Have A Diva Riff-Off

Although this idea was totally jacked from ‘Pitch Perfect’ I will allow James Corden to borrow this idea. This late night show is one of my favorites, I genuinely believe that James is the best on late night, but that;s just me.

Last night Demi Lovato showed up and challenged James to a divas riff-off. That’s right, songs by divas only. I don’t know why Katy Perry was involved in the mix, but she was, unfortunately.

Overall it was hysterical and watching Demi be a bad bitch, I’m about it.

James Corden keep owning it with these skits, I need them in my life.

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Demi Lovato Tweets Poot Lovato Meme!

Image result for demi lovato

A few years back, probably two years ago, there was a photo going around of Demi from a really bad angle. No really, this was probably the worst photo of Demi ever taken and it of course became a meme.

People decided to name this meme, Poot. Poot Lovato, and there were Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, it was kind of hilarious.

When it first happened, Demi didn’t think it was funny at all. She went off on Twitter about how hateful everyone was posting this photo around.

Well it looks like Demi stopped taking herself so damn seriously! Today she owned the Poot meme! What a day to be alive!

It’s simple but if you’re a Demi fan, you know this is a big step in her having a sense of humor.

Poot Lovato lives on.

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Cheat Codes Release “No Promises” Featuring Demi Lovato

Image result for demi lovato and cheat codes

I am praying that this song is a song that will allow Demi  to climb the charts. It has a simple beat, the lyrics are alright, and the guy singing in it isn’t bad either! I mean it is a pretty simple equation that should equal moving up on the charts.

You know how I know I am getting old? I can’t stand how repetitive most songs are now. I can’t knock Cheat Codes or Demi for that though, it’s just how songs are now. Plus I think songs that are supposed to be summer bops are usually like that.

Here’s to hoping this song gets radio play and moves up on ITunes.

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Demi Lovato & Jimmy Fallon Team Up For “Ew!” Skit

Love Demi Lovato, I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon.

Now that I got that out of the way, I genuinely feel like this “Ew!” skit was a little lame. It was almost as if they didn’t give Demi enough lines or something. Maybe it was put together quickly. It just seems so flat.

I don’t know, something was just off.

It is kind of hysterical that Demi looks exactly like she did back when she did ‘Camp Rock’. Just put some bangs on her and it’s like she hasn’t aged.

Next time give Demi more lines Jimmy! I am going to criticize her ew voice though, she didn’t even try.

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