Check Out Jay Z & Kanye West’s Crazy Hotel Demands!

Jay Z’s List:
– Rooms must be 71 degrees.

– There must be three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles in the room.
– No vacuuming is allowed near his room.
– Staff should not ask for free concert tickets if they want to “avoid embarrassment.”
– Ace of Spades Champagne should be in the room, but he cannot be charged for it since he owns the company.

Kanye West’s List:
– Vases in the room need to be cylindrical.

– The room must have a Genelecs 1031a speaker (which was discontinued a decade ago).
– All floss must be minty.
– There must be Kashi GoLean cereal.
– All towels must be black.
– His list of booze includes 13 bottles, which total $3,200. (credit)

So who is the bigger diva, that is the question, right? I mean is it Kanye or it is Jay? After reading these I am going to have to go with Kanye. I mean he wants 13 bottles of booze and a speaker that literally stopped being made. Apparently the hotels are going to have spend a fucking arm and leg just to get him in the door.

Jay Z is still a diva though, right? He wants three $80 candles and the room must be kept at a solid 71 degrees. He sounds more like an old man though, no vacuuming near his room,gotta sleep like a king.

So, who do you think is the bigger diva? Tell me here, Jay or Ye?

Katy Perry’s Diva Demands Are Out Of Control!

Los Angeles – Katy Perry’s insists on having two rooms of flowers backstage at her shows.

The 29-year-old singer requests a specific arrangement in her favourite colours but the floral display must not include carnations.

According to the star’s dressing room rider documents uncovered by The Daily Mirror newspaper, the Dark Horse hitmaker needs two rooms filled with pink, white and purple flowers.

Katy – who also requests her own “glam room” when she’s on the road – has made it clear there is to be “absolutely no carnations” in either room.

The singer’s rider list includes organic food, as well as Pinot Grigio white wine.

It has previously been revealed that Katy has someone to wash and chop her fruit and vegetables.

The Roar singer – who is currently on her Prismatic world tour – makes sure the fresh fruit and veg is prepared exactly to her liking.

An insider revealed: “It’s crazy. Katy always seems so down-to-earth when you see her on TV so we didn’t expect her to have so many diva demands.

“We’ve also been told that staff mustn’t speak to her, especially to ask for a photo or an autograph, because it angers her before the show.”

Katy requests grapes, apples, pineapple, dried figs, broccoli, celery and peas alongside a selection of tortilla chips at every show.

– BangShowBiz (

For years I have said that Katy Perry is nothing but a big old phony pop star that isn’t even fun. Sure in her music videos she has whipped cream coming from her boobies but in real life, she probably doesn’t even like whipped cream!

She is all for show, she never kissed a girl and she never liked it! She never liked the taste of her cherry chapstick or anything like that! She never woke up in Vegas and had to shake glitter off of her clothes! It was all a big lie and I knew it from the start!

I mean this isn’t the first time that her rider has been released and people just shake their head at it. The fact she says it angers her when the crew speaks to her before a show, bitch they just just built a stage to make sure your phony ass doesn’t break something. That is how you want to treat us “normal” people? Well fine then, I see how it is going to go!

Katy Perry you are boring as fuck and people are starting to see you for the boring little turd you are. I don’t even care. If you need two rooms full of flowers before a show, you have some issues.