Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension Overturned By Judge!

Well it looks like Tom Brady is officially a free man and will be allowed to play the season opener coming up in just over a week! How awesome is that? I mean it is awesome because I am a Patriots fan. I feel bad for all you other teams out there because this is going to be big. You won’t like Tom Brady very much when he is angry.

A lot of people are continuing to go on rants calling the Patriot cheaters and all of that stuff. At the end of the day you can’t go to jail for almost going something. Have you not learned anything from Law and Order?! You have to be found guilty, whether you did it or not, you have to be found guilty by a jury, or the judge involved. Tom Brady was not found guilty because the NFL and Roger Goodell are a hot ass mess!

They had no solid proof other than the fact that Tom Brady got rid of his cell phone. To be honest if I was married to a super model and probably had some nudes on my phone, I would destroy the shit out of that.

The NFL is going to appeal the judges ruling because let’s be real, they have dug themselves into a deep hole. They put so much effort into something that has always been a nonissue, to make thing an issue.

Hey Goodell how about you focus on all the domestic violence that occurs in the league, or drug use, or the fact players put hits out on other players. That would be worth your time. Have a safer sport and that’s that.

Patriots nation!! actually had a really good article that helped dumb down everything! Check it out for all the facts!