Vanessa Hudgens Dedicates ‘Grease Live’ Performance To Her Late Father

Just hours before Vanessa’s big performance as Rizzo in ‘Grease Live’, her father lost his battle to cancer. It was reported that Vanessa’s father had been fighting the disease for a few years but last night it took him.

Many people questioned whether or not Vanessa would take the stage and continue her performance. Let me just say that she absolutely crushed it as Rizzo. She dedicated her performance to her late father and he would be more than proud of her. Considering Rizzo is truly such an icon, she did a great job.

Bravo Vanessa, you truly crushed it.

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Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina Brown

I have always felt bad for Bobbi Kristina, I know that I didn’t know her personally but there was something behind her eyes that always seemed painful. Last night Bobbi had passed away nearly eight months after she was found unconcious in a bathtub. There are still so many questions circling what exactly happened and how she ended up there. Many people are blaming her own drug issues, blaming Nick Gordon her long time boyfriend, and speculating all of the things that could have happened.

Although Bobbi was born into what seemed like a luxurious life it seemed like it was a very chaotic life as well. Her parents were drug addicts, constantly breaking up and getting back together, and it seemed as though her life was always just crazy. She seemed to be caught up in a storm that wasn’t her fault.

No matter what happened it is always sad when a young person dies, being only 22 and not being able to actually live her life until the end, it is sad. It is sad that she passed away basically the same way her mother did.

I hope you find your peace Bobbi.

Lea Michele Honors Cory Monteith Two Years After His Death

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Today we remember the laughter and joy you brought into our lives every day. We think of you always and love you so @msleamichele

Well there you have it two years ago the world lost Cory Monteith due to a drug overdose, which is a damn shame. In all of Cory’s interviews he was always so positive and upbeat it was kind of crazy to find out that he had such a problem with drug use.

Story time. When I found out that Cory Monteith died, it was on my 22nd birthday and I had a few drinks, alright I have many drinks. I got home from celebrating, read that news and cried until at least four in the morning. Sometimes you just have to drunk cry it out.

Anyway, hope that all of Cory’s friends and loved ones are doing alright today. He definitely made a mark on the show ‘Glee’ that people will never forget.

Jana Kramer Still Isn’t Over Derek Shepard’s Death On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Greys is on again tonight so I will look like this, yet again. Still. Not. Over. It.

Jana Kramer decided to share a photo from last week which was taken while she was watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, see celebrities are just like us! They cry over fictional character deaths too!

I think that anyone who watches the show understands Jana’s pain. Tissues, red puffy eyes, and still not over it. Let’s hope we can all stay strong tonight!

Let’s Talk About That Grey’s Anatomy Shocker

Let me start by saying this, there will be spoilers! One thing I hate is when people watch a show on Netflix, that is still on television then get mad when shit get spoiled. I don’t feel bad for you. People have been watching this show consistently for the past ten years and guess what. They are mad!

On that note, SPOILERS are ahead.

Shonda Rhimes is the reason that I have trust issues. I believe that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is the reason I have never been able to watch any of her other shows. I know what will happen. I will get attached to a character and she will just go and kill them off. Now, I never cared when they killed off George or Izzy, I liked them but I was also kind of over their storyline. Now when they killed Lexie off, I cried my eyes out. Lexie was one of my favorites, then to kill Mark right after that? Listen Shonda you mastermind of emotions, lay off! I also know that the actors probably wanted to leave, but whatever. I blame Shonda for her incredible writing, and the fact she can pull on heart strings.

With that opening let’s talk about losing one of Seattle’s best neurosurgeons. Derek Shepard. I will say that this was one of the worst episode I have ever seen on Grey’s , and I am including the musical episode on that one. How dare they write off Derek in that short of an episode? How dare they give basically a mid-season episode to THE Derek Shepard. The guy in the bar who fell in love with the girl in the bar.

The way that this was presented was one of the worst ways that Grey’s could have possibly killed off the beloved doctor. This was for shock value. This episode was to get ratings. That simple.

Meredith deserved to be able to say goodbye to Derek in a more intimate way. Know who else deserved it? Zola and little baby Bailey deserved it too. Derek was a family man, maybe not this season, but he was. It would have been incredible to have seen his children there to say goodbye to their father one last time. Meredith just lost the love of her life, and they had her be so cold. Now, I get it. Meredith was closing herself off the way that she does, but is a break down scene too much to ask for? Ellen Pompeo knows how to get into that emotional place, it would have been nice to see that.

This show isn’t the beautiful show that it once was. Yes, it has its moments. There are times where the tragedy is just so beautiful that it tugs on your heartstrings in all the right places but there was no need to have this happen. Even if Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave his character deserved a better exit.

I think it is time for Grey’s to say goodbye. One more season and then it is time to shut the doors on Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. If the writers no longer care of actual goodbyes of major characters, they should simply shut it down.

Just a small after thought, do they really think this fandom will accept a new love interest for Meredith? If they do, they are wrong. She needs to go and live with Yang, and go be happy with her soulmate.

Paris Hilton’s Dog Tinkerbell Passes Away At 14

When Paris Hilton first made a name for herself in the early 2000’s there was another star right next to her doing the same, and I am not talking about Nicole Richie. Her dog Tinkerbell was really the star whenever Paris was on talk shows, red carpets, or even on the actual show The Simple Life. Let’s be real Tinkerbell was the absolute shit.

Paris announced today that her 14 year old best puppy friend passed away by saying “I love you Tinky, you are a Legend & will never be forgotten.” That is very true. Tinkerbell you are the original purse dog and everyone will love you for it.

Rest in doggy heaven Tinkerbell, everyone knows you will always be a legend.

Reality Star Diem Brown Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Let me be honest when I say that when I first found out about Diem, I actually shed a tear or two. For the past ten years or however long Diem has been a known face on MTV due to her being on The Challenges over the past years. Recently cancer had taken over the young 32 year old’s body spreading from her stomach to her lymph-nodes and this past Thursday she decided to stop treatment.

I will say I wasn’t a huge fan of how Diem played the game, I thought that she relied to much on CT but when she wasn’t playing in The Challenge, I became a real fan. After reading her messages about feeling beautiful and being able to overcome everything it really made me respect Diem as a person. She had gone through so much in her life, beating ovarian cancer twice, that it is sad that she lost her fight. No, I won’t say that. Diem fought her ass off, she just decided to see what would happen. Sadly, Diem has passed away.

It is strange to say that I felt like I knew Diem as a person. I know that most reality shows are fake but there was a real side to Diem that we all got to see. When she wore wigs because she hated her short hair. When she would stand up for herself when other players would try and stab her in the back. Things like that will be missed in the up and coming seasons of The Challenge.

My thoughts and prayers are with Diem’s friends and family. Thank you for being so courageous and spreading your story of strength. Your inspiration and heart will carry on for many years to come.

Rest in beautiful peace Diem Brown.

Comedy Pioneer Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81

In my humble opinion there are few people who were as real as late comedian Joan Rivers. Sure her face may have been fake but her humor was raw and it was unapologetic. That is one thing that not many people seem to realize when they think of Joan Rivers. Rivers, was one of the first female comedians to really make a name for themselves in comedy. She was rude, crude, and never apologized for a thing that she had said. Something that people well both loved and hated her for.

As sad as it is writing this blog I want people to realize that in a world that is constantly looking for apologies and must be so politically correct, Joan never played by those rules. She said whatever was on her mind and she would never take it back. Some people would say she was too harsh on the red carpet but she just simply said what everyone was thinking.

With awards season coming up the red carpet will not be the same without Joan’s input.

Joan thank you for being someone who I look up to and aspire to one day be like. Celebrities you got off very easy for this up and coming awards season!

Comedian Robin Williams Found Dead At Age 63

It actually makes me extremely sad to be writing this blog about the death of Oscar winning actor Robin Williams. This actor brought light into every single project he was a part of and could also play the darker roles when needed, like his role in the Oscar winning film Good Will Hunting.

Being a bit younger my first real exposure to Robin Williams was when he played genie in Aladdin and I loved that. Then I saw Mrs. Doubtfire and eventually movies like Flubber, Patch Adams, and Jack just to name a few favorites. Robin Williams never failed to make me laugh and I am sure that he made all of you laugh as well.

Can you think of an actor who was loved like Robin Williams had been? I feel like you never heard a bad word about him. When people approached him for photos and autographs he was gracious and kind to them. From what everyone says in different interviews he was a bit charismatic but he was always genuine.

There are many different stories going around the net right now about what exactly happened to the beloved actor but you won’t find any of that gossip on this blog. Even though I like to rip up some celebrities when a celebrity dies people need to remember one thing, a human has passed away. This person beneath all of their celebrity has family, friends, and loved ones that are also hurting.

Rest in beautiful peace Robin Williams and I am very sad to see such an incredible actor taken far before his time.

Are These Jared Padalecki Tweets Insensitive About Philip Seymour Hoffman?


ImageSo Jared Padalecki has been in the news lately for his tweets rather than his acting abilities on the show Supernatural which he has been on for the past eight years or something. First he tweeted about how Lil’ Za took the fall for Bieber and now he tweets this. I have pretty mixed emotions about the whole thing, I mean how can you say something disrespectful when it didn’t even happen 24 hours ago.

There are some things that I do understand about this tweet though. Being a celebrity gossip blog you realize that celebrities get a lot more attention than things that actually need attention. The St. Jude’s children are a tragedy, not child should go through cancer or any life threatening illness before they even get to live, that isn’t fair at all. Then again there are people who get hooked on drugs and end dying due to the disease.

I do understand why Jared would tweet such a thing considering his wife just gave birth to their second child. He probably had kids on his mind and all of that but it is insensitive. It reminds me of when say Whitney Houston died and people talked about how no one cares about the soldiers dying in Iraq.

I will leave you with these words of wisdom by Willi Killiams

Death is a terrible thing whether it is a child, an actor, a soldier, or a homeless person. If someone dies it means that at least one person is effected by the tragedy. Someone lost someone else and we should all take time to realize that before jumping down each others throats for being upset by death.