Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Make First Public Appearance With Their Daughters!


Today the Reynolds/Lively family, also known as the most beautiful family in America made their first public appearance with their two daughters. Ryan was being honored for getting a star on the walk of fame, and it looks like they wanted to make it a family affair.

This couple has done a great job at keeping their family life private but it looks like they wanted their two little girls to be able to enjoy the festivities as well! James is 2 while their second daughter, who was born in September all cheered on their dad. For the record this couple is so private, they haven’t released the name of their second daughter.

Congrats to this family, to Ryan for finally getting the recognition he deserves and congrats to their children for having great DNA!

Check out more photos from the ceremony below!




Judging by these photos it looks like James was having the time of her life. Maybe a future actor? We will see!

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Who Would You Rather? – Ryan Reynolds Or Ryan Gosling

It’s the battle of the Ryans! Last night Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling took a photo together and it really got me thinking. Which would I rather? If these two men were the last two on earth and I had to pick one, who would I pick?

Honestly, it is kind of an easy one for me. I know that everyone has loved Ryan Gosling since ‘The Notebook’ but he has just genuinely never done it for me. I think he is extremely talented and seems like a family man, that always gets points. Just not enough when you’re up against Ryan Reynolds.

That’s right, I would choose the older, scruffier Ryan out of the two of them. He is tall, handsome, and hysterical. I have had a crush on him since ‘Van Wilder’ and then in every other movie he has starred in.

My pick is Ryan Reynolds!

Who would you rather? Sound off in the comments or reach you through social media!

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Man Crush Monday: Ryan Reynolds

It’s about damn time that Ryan Reynolds gets the credit that he deserves for his acting ability, that is all that I can say. He has been a solid actor since ‘Van Wilder’ but for some reason he never seemed to get credit. In my opinion he is a great comedic actor with incredible timing, ‘Just Friends’ is easily one of the most underrated romcoms of our time!

This Canadian import was recently named ‘Sexiest Dad Alive’ by People magazine and I must agree that he is right up there. I would say that maybe David Beckham and definitely Chris Hemsworth give him a run for his money, but hey, he is easily top 5 material.

By the way unless you have been living under a rock Ryan’s latest movie ‘Deadpool’ is biggest superhero movie of all time, so if you ask me, that is pretty impressive. Not to mention he is married to Blake Lively and they look perfect together, so their daughter must be adorable, genetically gifted from day one. His life is going pretty well right now.

Happy Monday!

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Ryan Reynolds Asks Fans To Donate To Young ‘Deadpool’ Fan Battling Cancer

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls. This is my friend, Connor McGrath. He’s quite possibly the biggest #Deadpool fan on earth. He was also the first person ever to see the Deadpool film. Like Wade Wilson, Connor’s trying to put cancer in his rearview mirror.

About 6 weeks ago, I traveled to Edmonton Alberta to show Connor the movie at his hospital. Of course, the Deadpool was right up his alley because Connor’s the funniest, potty-mouthed Canadian mercenary I’ve ever met.

He’s my friend. I know lots of celebrities jump up and down touting a cause — and maybe I’m no different. But holy frozen shit-slivers, I love this kid. He’s the GREATEST. And he needs your help to get well. I’ve donated to help Connor and I hope you will too.


Good for you Ryan Reynolds! See Ryan has been around for a long time, but I think with ‘Deadpool’ his career is taking off in a much bigger, giant way. Much like how ‘Guards of the Galaxy; helped Chris Pratt kind of revamp his career. With this new found, bigger success Ryan has decided to reach out and help one of his biggest fans.

According to reports Ryan went to the hospital in Canada, just him. He didn’t have an entourage or any press along with him. He spent time with Connor and got to know him and decided to post about him, all on his own doing.

It is always nice to see celebrities doing great things for people in need which is why I had to share Ryan’s post. Connor I hope you know that you now have so much support from so many different people! I wish you the absolute best of luck!

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are Relationship Goals

The other night Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took to the red carpet for a ‘Deadpool’ event and stunned, like always. This couple is genuinely beautiful. Yup I said it. Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful man and Blake Lively is a beautiful woman, that is all that needs to be said. They are relationship goals if I have ever seen. They have been able to keep their little baby James private, they have been able to keep most of their relationship private, and are only seen together when they want to be seen together.

By the way, this was their first public appearance since their little girl James made her way into this world. They were all smiles too. I mean who wouldn’t be smiling? Whether I was on the arm of Blake or Ryan I would be cheesing it up for the cameras.

In  case you were wondering ‘Deadpool’ is in theaters on Friday and will probably be #1 at the box office.

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