Dax Shepard Posts Adorable Throwback With Kristen Bell

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples in my opinion. They seem to be a lot of fun and also seem to genuinely get along which is always nice. In reality they seem like the kind of couple you could hang out with and not feel awkward about being a third wheel.

In case you didn’t know these two didn’t have a traditional wedding at all. They ended up simply going to the courthouse and getting married there. They got dressed up and even took photos there. How adorable is that? So quirky but not in an annoying way, do you feel me?

The couple have been married for three years but have been together for nine years.

Now, nine years later they have two children and continue to be adorable.

Dax took to Instagram though to post a throwback of the couple, back when Dax thought that chewing tobacco was a good look. In case you’re wondering, it’s never a good look.

Here’s to hoping these two never breakup because my heart can’t take it. Stay together for the kids and for me, okay? Okay.

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