Adam Sandler Sings To David Letterman To Say Goodbye To The Late Show

For all you people under 20 reading this blog, Adam Sandler was once one of the funniest people alive. He had a crazy amount of hit movies, songs, and well more movies. Of course he has slowed down now, with movies like ‘The Clogger’ and ‘Grown Ups 2’ but hey, you can’t be on top forever, right? You will see soon with Kevin Hart, he will drop off the face of the earth too.

Anyway! Last night Adam Sandler sang to David Letterman since after a long 30 years he is deciding to say goodbye to late night. So, Mr. Sandler wanted to sing a few words to send David off on his retirement, and the song was gold. This is the Adam I know and love, he is absolutely hilarious.

Adam Sandler is still kind of hot right? Something about a funny dude playing a guitar that just gets to me…Yes I am aware that he is 48, whatever. Haters gon hate.