Dave Franco & Alison Brie Are Married!

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Dave Franco and Alison Brie have always been very quiet about their relationship, and it looks like they quietly got married not long ago. Alison’s reps confirmed to ET that the couple are in fact married!

The two have been reportedly dating since early 2012.

As of right now the only thing that we know about the wedding is that it happened. I highly doubt we will find out much more information than that.

Congrats to the couple!

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Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff Film Narrows Down Casting

The Star Wars film which will focus on the backstory of Han Solo has narrowed down its search from thousands of actors to only a handful!

According to reports the film won’t even start filming until 2017 so they have a whole year to prep but the film.

Who will play the young version of one of the dreamiest actors of all time? That’s right I said that Harrison Ford is one of the dreamiest actors of all time. Han Solo is basically the ultimate badass too. So the actor has some big shoes to fill.

Here is the list!

Ansel Elgort

Ansel is apparently a front runner and he should be. Not only does he slightly resemble a young Harrison Ford, he is also a great actor. I believe that he will be one of the biggest actors of the younger generation. He would be my first choice for this project.

Logan Lerman

Logan is another young actor who is probably going to do big things. Logan tends to go for more indie type roles, other than his Percy Jackson movies, he tends to stay away from the big movies. Fury was huge of course but it was more of a gritty drama. I can’t imagine him taking a role like this.

Scott Eastwood

Scott and Harrison look nothing a like but Scott is a total babe. Honestly even though I am not a huge fan of Star Wars if Scott was in it, I would watch it. Even though I have never seen him act he landed a leading role in a Ben Affleck movie, so he has to have something going for him.

Miles Teller

Not my first choice but I could see why Miles would make sense. He is a bit older than Logan and Ansel but he can play a smart ass role. I know Han is like a badass smart ass type of guy, so it could work.

Dave Franco

Uh, why is Dave in the running? I get it he is adorable to most people or whatever but he is tiny. I couldn’t imagine him being an action star. Maybe he could surprise everyone though?

There are a few other people in the running but those are the biggest names on the list. The other ones some how snuck into the list.

So what do you think? Let me know!

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The First Still From ‘Neighbors 2’ Has Been Released!

I am so ready for ‘Neighbors 2′ to come out, I don’t care what anyone says because Neighbors was one of the funniest movies of 2014. I feel like it was very underrated because like I said, it was absolutely hilarious.

Most of the original cast is back for it, no word on McLovin’, but Rogen, Efron, Bryne, and Franco will be back. So that is a good crew. The newest additions will be Chloe Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez, again two solid people to add to the cast.

This time around it is apparently about sorority girls, rather than frat boys. In all reality it will probably be a lot like the first one but who cares! I just hope they don’t kill it, because that would bum me out.


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Kevin Hart & Dave Franco Team Up For Hilarious Madden Commercial

Now to be honest I don’t really care about video games, I will admit that football is my favorite sport but video games, not for me. This is easily the longest commercial that I have ever watched through but it was worth it because it was hilarious. Even though I don’t understand the obsession with video games, men love them. They take that shit so seriously! The song is pretty catchy too, until actual football players come through trying to rap, that wasn’t very funny.

I guess this commercial means that football season is finally here! Let’s celebrate because it is fall which means cooler air, leaves change, and life is better!

Yeah fall! I mean yeah football!!

PS: I feel like Kevin Hart is getting played out extremely fast, do you agree?