Julian Edelman Shares First Photo With Daughter Lily!

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Julian Edelman has kept pretty quiet about being a father, he didn’t respond when rumors started to swirl, and last week he didn’t say anything about his daughter being born.  Although, reports are that he flew to meet his little girl right after his game last week and spent the start of the week with her.

There was a part of me that wondered if he was just going to stay quiet about the whole situation and continue to raise his daughter without a ton of media attention.

Looks like I was wrong!

Late last night Julian posted a photo with his daughter, introducing her to the world.

Congrats to Julian on being a first time father, and becoming a certified DILF.

UPDATE: I apologize, I wrote that Julian’s daughter was named Ella but it is Lily, my mistake.

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Ryan Phillippe Reveals What Bothers His Daughter Ava The Most About Him

Right now Ryan Phillippe is on a press tour promoting his upcoming show ‘Shooter’ that looks pretty bad ass. It is about a sniper in the military and I think that the President gets shot and he is blamed for it? I think that is what it is about.

Well, Ryan was on James Corden late last week and he opened up about what bothers his daughter the most when they are together.

I won’t spoil it for you before you watch the video but it is pretty hysterical.

Really though, I don’t think that Ryan ages, neither does Reese, so their children are very genetically gifted.

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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Welcome Baby Girl!

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It has been confirmed to E News first that Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo have welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl! So far, no name has been announced but it has been reported that Behati is doing well and Adam is over the moon!

Congrats to the happy couple! This is their first child, and she will probably be beautiful. I mean look at those two!

UPDATE: Her name is Dusty Rose Levine.

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Reese Witherspoon Posts Photo With Look-Alike Daughter Ava

So I am like 90% sure that Reese was cloned and that is how Ava Phillippe was born.

Ava is of course the daughter of well, Reese and Ryan. It looks like Reese’s genes won here, which is fine because their son Deacon looks exactly like Ryan.

I have genuinely never seen a mother and daughter that look this might alike, it is absolutely insane. The only thing that is different is probably the chin, Ava has a more rounded chin, but still absolutely gorgeous!

No story here, just in shock that these two look so much alike and I wanted the rest of the world to witness it.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Posts Adorable Photo With Newborn Daughter

Christmas came early! Within minutes of being born she was laying on daddy’s chest. And being a grateful man takes on a whole new meaning… Thank you guys so much for the awesome congratulatory wishes and love you’ve been sending @Lauren Hashian Official and myself. We’re extremely grateful.

Kinda crazy but in this cool and powerful skin to skin bonding moment with my newborn baby Jasmine, I had just one wish I asked the universe… Give me the strength to be a better man today than I was yesterday. If I can accomplish that, then I’d have a good shot at being a great father. To all you young men out there who will be fathers one day, the goal of “being better” will never steer you wrong. Trust me I’ve been down this road.

Something else that’ll never steer you wrong is “walking thru the fire” with your baby’s mama. I was right there during labor, helping her breathe, every highly intense contraction, every second of pain, right there watching the actual birth, cutting the cord and wiping the tears. Incredible. *(Now don’t get me wrong boys, it wasn’t like I was at the end of the table, squatting like a catcher waiting for the fastball to come down the pike..😂but as men, it’s a miracle we should witness because it’ll give you a whole new respect for the strength and beauty of a woman).

Again, THANK YOU guys so much for all the love during this blessed time. I always say I’m a lucky dude because I’ve got the greatest fans in the world – and it’s true. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families from ours.

Honestly, The Rock is by far one of my favorite people on social media. He always posts the best photos, and inspirational stories that just make you smile. This photo though, how freaking adorable is this photo? Nothing like seeing a giant muscular man show off his soft side, right?

Congrats to The Rock and his girlfriend Lauren on their new little pebble. Yes, that will always be funny.

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