Are Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Really Dating?


So just the other night Taylor and Calvin were spotted out at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville. According to eye witnesses they were dancing together, Taylor was sitting on Calvin’s lap, and she even kissed him through out the night. Now this concert happened after they were spotted dressed like twins at a Whole Foods Market in Nashville.

TMZ has a video of them holding hands as they left the concert together too. Now, I have a feeling this is nothing more than PR stunt for a few different reasons. Number one, Calvin Harris is a major douche. He is a major douche who makes a ton of money, but he is still just that. I mean, I hate him for what he did to Rita Ora. Remember they broke up? Then he wouldn’t let her sing their song that they recorded together because he was a bitter ex-boyfriend about it. Number two, hasn’t Taylor been doing that whole she loves being single, girl power thing for a while now? I don’t think that she would just change her mind right away because of Harris.

Anyway, I think that this is just another publicity stunt. Her best friend is so called dating a DJ, so know what would look good? If Taylor Swift dated one of the biggest DJs in the world.These two could totally be banging, I mean Harris is hot, but I do believe this is some well though out PR dating.

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Are Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Really Dating?

So there have been reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have been bumping uglies for a while, and I don’t know how to feel. For a while I thought it was a joke but last night they were at an SNL party together. They left separately but insiders said that they were very friendly towards each other through out the night.

I don’t know. I mean I understand being obsessed with Leo back in the day, like 1990’s and early 2000’s but after that, no thank you. I would say that after ‘Shutter Island’ it all kind of went downhill. I mean with the huge beard, the beer belly, and the man bun, I mean I can’t roll with that. Give me ‘The Island’ Leo and I will love on that all day, not today’s Leo.

I mean, this would be such a power couple though, right? Rihanna is one of the sexiest women ever, I truly mean that too. There is no one more beautiful than Rihanna. Okay maybe there are a few people more beautiful, but she is right up there. Leo was one of the sexiest men of all time but not anymore.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus Are Hollywood’s Hottest New Couple!

Well, well if snapping a picture while making out with someone isn’t the sign that you two are officially a couple, then I don’t know what else you could call it! This weekend Patrick took Miley to a USC Trojans game, which was where he attended colleges, and they made out for all the world to see. Now rumors have been going for a while about these two but I think that this show of affection kind of proves that they are a couple. Well at least that they are together in some respect.

I read some comments of what people had to say, and most said things like how random the couple is. Let’s be real. Miley Cyrus loves to be raunchy on stage, hump things on stage, and post weird Instagram pictures but her taste in men is tall, blonde, and handsome. If you think I am wrong let’s take a look back on her past relationships. Liam Hemsworth, what was he? Tall, blonde, and handsome. Then there was that quick little thing with Kellan Lutz, again, tall, blonde, and handsome. Now let’s look at Patrick, oh and again, tall, blonde, and handsome. Yup, Miley likes her men to look all American that is for sure.

I guess this means that Miley is technically dating someone from the Kennedy dynasty, right? I mean can you imagine Miley at their family compound in Hyannis Port ? Just twerking while the ghost of JFK shakes his head. Or maybe he would approve since we all know the Kennedy’s weren’t exactly the most modest family in the world.

Anyway, I am about this couple! How sweet is it that back in 2009 Patrick said he had a crush on Miley too, the guy gets the girl.

PS: I would love it if at some point she sings ‘Party In The USA’ with him in the background, because America!

Are Rapper Tyga & Kylie Jenner Really Dating?

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Dating

Tyga and Kylie Jenner were out together Monday night … and we’re told it was a date, but the way “date” is defined is, well, a sensitive issue.

The youngins went to Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood. Sources close to Tyga tell us they are “dating” but are quick to add that does not mean they are physical. It’s important, because he’s 25 and she’s 17.

One Tyga source told us … if we even insinuate they are having physical contact he will deny he’s dating Kylie … even though the source says Tyga privately says he’s dating her.

BTW … sitting on the same side of the booth is prima facie dating, right?

So I think that everyone is now extremely aware of which of the Jenner girls is going to end up like Kim, I mean Kim before she had a multimillion dollar company. Back when she was just Paris Hilton’s hot friend that went to different events with her. I see you Kylie, hanging out with mediocre rappers.
Tyga recently got divorced from one of Kim’s best friends Black Chyna which would be weird for Kim if her much younger and under aged sister was dating him, right? I mean 25 and 17 is a pretty hefty age gap, I don’t care what people say about that age ain’t nothing but a number thing. It is also a jail sentence.
I don’t even really think that Tyga is popular anymore, I genuinely have no idea. I know that he had that song “Rack City” that everyone loved for a minute but now, he is just known for having a better hairline than he had before. Oh and for hanging out with under aged girls. For those of you that don’t remember for Kylie’s 17th birthday he was the one who filmed the celebration then offered her a shot, so that is cute.
Kylie Jenner is just a trouble child, there I said it and I will not take it back!

Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Make An Adorable Couple

Which way to VIP? Once inside, Brooklyn and Chloë convened in the lobby to await their VIP passes alongside a tall guy pal/bodyguard

So Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have been apparently dating for a while and I think that it is absolutely adorable, it is like Justin and Selena except way sweeter. Brooklyn was her date to the MTV Movie Awards and recently they were spotted out at an Ed Sheeran concert.

Moretz is 17, and Beckham is only 15 but it looks like age doesn’t matter at the moment. I never understood the whole dating younger men when you are a teenager thing that Hollywood starlets seem to do but in this case I do understand. You do realize who Brooklyn’s father is right? Yup, that is right, David Beckham! You know what that means? It means he is going to grow up and be totally banging. Right now he is just adorable because I would seem extra creepy if I used any other terminology to address his looks.

Another completely adorable fact is that he supported her at her “If I Stay” premier by attending and apparently leaving with her after the party.

I hope to see more of this couple and I hope they get married, too fast too soon? Don’t care!

Three months strong? The London-born Englishman and his Florida-born belle have also been seen attending the Young Hollywood Awards on August 10

Just friends? And last week, Beckham sweetly supported Moretz at the premiere of Chloë's latest film, If I Stay


Are Sophia Bush & Co-Star Jesse Lee Soffer Dating?

Word on the street is that Sophia Bush is currently in a very hush, hush relationship with her Chicago PD co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. What do I think about this relationship? I am all about this happening for many reasons. The first is that the two of them have absolutely insane chemistry on their show together. The second is that Sophia is being consistent!

I am going to sit here and assume that people are aware that Sophia is pretty notorious for dating her co-stars in the past. Let’s start with the first that most people know actually ended in a divorce, Chad Michael Murray who was on One Tree Hill. To keep up with One Tree Hill she also dated James Lafferty for a short time and then Austin Nichols for a few years. She also dated her co-star Jon Foster, remember that terrible horror movie based on a video game, Stay Alive? It’s okay not many people do, anyway he was in that and they dated for a while.

I have a feeling that they won’t step out as a couple, not for a while at least. They will keep people guessing because it is good for their show. I am not saying that it is a showmance as I like to call it but it could possibly be something to get people to tune in this fall.

If they are in fact a couple congrats to Sophia because Jesse Lee Soffer is an absolute babe. He kind of reminds me of Zac Efron and I do not hate it all.

Sophia you keep doing your thang and dating co-stars, they are around and convenient, they are also usually extremely attractive! You go girl!


Wait, Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Are Dating?


File this under the folder that is labeled things that I did not see coming. They haven’t officially come out as a couple or anything but here they are strolling hand in hand with coffees. These damn celebrities and their coffee dates, isn’t that how this always starts? First they are drinking coffee next they are jetting off to some remote part of the world complaining about not having privacy.

I don’t know where I have been but apparently for the past month or two these two have been spotted here and there adding fuel to the dating rumors.

I will say congrats to Benji Madden for somehow getting into the spotlight again. It seems like every time I start to forget that he ever exsisted he pops back up doing something strange. Whether it is dating Paris Hilton, being a DJ, or who knows what else. Now him and Joel have started a band called, The Madden Brothers. He some how stays on the media’s spectrum which is just very odd to me.

I guess I should say good luck to this couple. I mean Cameron did date Jared Leto for a while, then she dated Justin Timberlake, so maybe she just has a thing for musicians.

Drake & Rihanna Show Massive PDA At Clippers Game


I have on serious question, why are they still hiding the fact they are a couple? I mean the whole world knows, so why do they need to hide it? I mean just look at the way Rihanna looks at him in these pictures! I could just die! So beautiful! Back in November I posted about how these two would end up together, I am usually right!

Stop hiding from the world and just come out as a couple already! No one would hate you, we would all love you for it! Come out with more songs, more Oh Na Na, and get married!

You have my blessing. That is all you need.

New Couple Alert? Are Selena Gomez & Austin Mahone dating?


Taylor Swift is all about making love connections — even when they’re not for her! As revealed in the new issue of Us Weekly, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” songstress, 24, opened her little black book for Selena Gomez and plucked out a very well-known name: Austin Mahone

After setting her BFF up with Ed Sheeran last summer, Swift played matchmaker for the “Come and Get It” singer, 21, and the “Say Something” sensation, 17, who opened for her on tour. “They’re seeing each other,” a source tells Us of the Texas-born star and Gomez. 

For now, though, they’re keeping the romance relatively quiet. Leaving the Beats Music concert on Jan. 24, they “sneaked out separately,” a second source shares, “then got in the same car!”

Gomez — whose most high-profile relationship to date was with fellow pop superstar Justin Bieber — recently spoke with Seventeen magazine about what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Having gone through what she called a “really bad breakup” with Bieber, she needed time to figure out what she wants. But now she knows she’s ready. 

“I actually talked to Katy Perry about guys who are intimidated by strong girls,” she said. “I haven’t found someone yet who could understand my lifestyle, support it, love me through it, and not be threatened by it. It’s hard. I do think I might scare some guys, because I’m like, ‘I want to change the world! I have dreams! What do you want to do?’ But I only know how to be me.”

Can you imagine if this is in fact true? What is Bieber going to do that she has moved on to the next biggest thing? Do I think that Austin Mahone will ever hit Bieber status? Honestly, no I don’t but maybe that will give him longevity rather than a short fame lifespan like it did to Bieber who is currently famous for all the wrong reasons.
So there are a couple things I don’t believe about this whole new alleged couple and number one, the source is US Weekly, let’s be honest they are not exactly the most reputable magazine in the world. The second thing is that Selena has already dipped into the kiddie pool for dating once and it didn’t exactly end well. In fact it ended with her laughing about making Bieber cry, to getting back with him, to breaking up, then so on and so forth. Does she really want to go through that again?
Selena Gomez is 21 years old, she shouldn’t date someone who is only 17 years old. No matter how “mature” he is, it is fucking weird. Gomez you have no reason to date someone that much younger than you even if they are a better looking version of your ex-boyfriend!
Also fucking Taylor Swift right? You know that she wants to date Mahone but knows how frowned upon it would be to do so, so instead she puts her best friend with him. If this is true you know she is asking Selena what Mahone is like in bed and everything. Living vicariously through Selena Gomez will be Taylor’s new pass time.

Miley & Kellan are totally bumpin uglies!


Most people have no idea who Kellan Lutz with but he is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Seriously, Kellan Lutz is fucking gorgeous and I am proud of my girl Miley if this is true. So he showed up at the Jingle Ball concert in NYC and now he was just spotted coming off of Miley’s private jet from Miami. Now at first I thought that it was just random but I would like to think differently. My first point is, do you really think that Miley would let some random onto her plane? No, I don’t think so.

I read somewhere that a website said that today would be random, which isn’t true at all. Let’s see she just broke up with Liam, a tall hot blonde dude. Guess what Kellan is? A tall, hot and buff blonde guy. I mean come on, that is basically a match made in heaven. He is fucking gorgeous. She is gorgeous.

In my opinion I think Miley should settle down with him because why the fuck not? It would stop rumors about her and Juicy J and shit like that. Anyway, brava Miley, Kellan is easily one of the hottest guys in Hollywood that isn’t recognized enough.