Daryl Sabara & Meghan Trainor Are Totally Dating!

Before you start asking who Daryl Sabara is, I want you to brace yourself. Remember the kid from ‘Spy Kids’? Yup, well that’s him now. All grown up and dating Meghan Trainor.

The two seem to be pretty open with their relationship too, which is adorable. I feel like this is the first time Meghan has really had an open celebrity relationship. It’s awesome that she found someone even if it is the weird kid from ‘Spy Kids’. Joking, joking. He made more money off of that movie than I will ever see in my life.

So far they have been Instagram official for about two weeks and I am going to say they are going to last for a while.

So I am rooting for you two kids, keep giving us adorable snapshots on Instagram.

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