Louis Tomlinson Welcomes Son With Ex-Girlfriend

Louis Tomlinson is a dad! The One Direction singer welcomed a baby boy with his friend Briana Jungwirth this week in Los Angeles, People is reporting. The pregnancy was first revealed in July 2015 when a friend of the pair confirmed the news. Louis and Briana reportedly met through mutual friends after Louis ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder in March 2015. (credit)

Can we talk about how lucky this Briana Jungwirth chick is? I mean she briefly dated Louis, I believe they were just hook up buddies from everything that I have read, now she is the mother of his child. She went from being a make up artist to being a millionaire overnight. Louis is going to have to pay up for child support which I am sure is going to be crazy money.

Congrats to the both of them though! It has been said that Louis is over the moon to be a dad!

I wonder how Danielle Campbell feels about the whole situation.

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Are Louis Tomlinson And Danielle Campbell Dating?

According to recent reports it looks like Louis Tomlinson is no longer a single man! He is allegedly dating ‘Originals’ star Danielle Campbell and it is a fairly new relationship. Of course all of this is allegedly, they have just been spotted together a lot recently. Which is cute, I guess. I mean she is super cute and he, well he is in a boyband, was in a boyband? I don’t know if One Direction is totally broken up yet.

I do have a question though, whatever happened to Louis’ baby? I mean his baby momma must be having their child soon, right? I feel like that news happened such a long time ago it has to be coming up fast! Does anyone have this information?

If these two are just friends, they make very cute friends.

Here is another picture of the alleged couple.

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