Man Crush Monday: Matt Damon

Ever since I can remember I have had a huge crush on Matt Damon. I mean seriously, look at the man. He is just so damn handsome! Lately he has been all over everywhere because of his new movie coming out called “The Martian” which looks pretty good. In reality anything with Matt Damon is usually a pretty solid movie.

Through out the years I feel like Matt has always been compared to Ben, and I have come up with a solution. They are both pretty great. I mean let’s be real, they wouldn’t be around Hollywood if they weren’t great. Matt is the better actor and Ben is the better director, boom! The end! End the fighting!

Matt Damon is serious like a fine glass of wine, he just gets better with age!

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Man Crush Monday: Ian Somerhalder

So usually I give off a little paragraph rattling off about why I chose my Man Crush Monday, but let’s be real. Ian is an absolute babe. I don’t think there are many people hotter than him out there, I genuinely mean that. I mean look at this man. Dark hair, blue eyes, jawline carved by God. He also saves animals and recently married one of my favorite people ever, Nikki Reed.

Happy Monday!

Look into Ian’s eyes and your whole week will be great!