Man Crush Monday: Tyler Seguin

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God bless Tyler Seguin, right? I mean, not only is he a complete babe but he also seems like a very good time, party wise of course.

Anyway, the NHL basically just started up, they are very early into their season, and there are a lot of hotties on the ice. They all wear helmets, so you can’t really see their faces. It doesn’t matter though, Tyler is one of the best looking ones, only second to Andrew Ference and that is all you need to know!

Oh, here are some stats on Tyler in case you want to impress people with your hockey knowledge. Tyler plays for the Dallas Stars, he is only 24, he stands at 6’1″, and he is a centerman! All exciting stuff, right?

Beard, tattoos, and gelled hair, insert heart eye emojis here.

Happy Monday everyone! Happy hockey season! God bless!

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Image result for tyler seguin

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