Nick Lachey Shares New Photo Of Son Phoenix

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In my opinion, I think that Nick Lachey is probably one of the most underrated singers and hot guys in Hollywood. I mean look at those blue eyes and dimples.

Let me be clear, I also love his wife  Vanessa  and I think they make a beautiful couple.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, today Nick shared and adorable photo of his son Phoenix. He was born on Christmas and he is growing quick.

Nick and Vanessa also have a son, Camden and a daughter Brooklyn, so I am sure that their house is insanely crazy but this photo looks so damn peaceful.

All of these children have been blessed with incredible DNA, so I can’t wait to see how they grow up!

Check out baby Phoenix below!

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2 months and counting…… #phoenixrobertlachey

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Julian Edelman Is Officially A Father To A Baby Girl!

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Julian Edelman is definitely one of the hottest football players out there. On the field his stats are incredible and well, he is also a total babe, can’t deny that one. He even dated Adriana Lima for a short time before it was reported that he was going to be a father. After that it seemed to fizzle out quickly.

According to TMZ, Julian flew out to Los Angeles so he could be there for the birth of his baby girl.

Back in July Swedish model Ella Rose filed for a paternity case, but Julian accepted that the child was his without taking the test. The two have reportedly been friends with benefits for the past few years and are committed to raising this baby girl together.

Congrats to Julian, Ella, and baby Lily!

Don’t worry, Julian is apparently still single, he and Ella are simply friends at this point wanting to raise a baby together, because that always works.

Good luck!

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Mick Jagger Is Expecting Baby Number 8!

EXCLUSIVE: **NO WEB**Mick Jagger is spotted looking happy with a female friend on his hotel balcony in Zurich(photo credit)

It looks like Mick Jagger, 72 is having a child with his 29 year old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, an American ballerina.

Let me start off by saying, good for him for still having sex. I like to believe that after the age of 50 everyone stops having sex and they just go into the mystic with whoever, holding hands, being adorable but not having sex.

The second thing I have to say is, just because you can have a child, doesn’t mean you should. Mick is 72 years old. I understand his girlfriend is much younger and probably wanted a child of her own but still, 72. When he dies, which could literally be tomorrow, that is how old he is, the baby will be well off but still. He is really fucking old and it isn’t fair to the child. Yes, he will inherit a lot of money but there’s a good chance Mick won’t make it to their tenth birthday. Sorry, that was probably mean but I don’t care.

Congrats to the couple though, I mean, it’s really weird but congrats.

I understand they are both over 18, but isn’t it kind of like having sex with your grandpa? What a weird fucking relationship.

I am officially uncomfortable.

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Louis Tomlinson Welcomes Son With Ex-Girlfriend

Louis Tomlinson is a dad! The One Direction singer welcomed a baby boy with his friend Briana Jungwirth this week in Los Angeles, People is reporting. The pregnancy was first revealed in July 2015 when a friend of the pair confirmed the news. Louis and Briana reportedly met through mutual friends after Louis ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder in March 2015. (credit)

Can we talk about how lucky this Briana Jungwirth chick is? I mean she briefly dated Louis, I believe they were just hook up buddies from everything that I have read, now she is the mother of his child. She went from being a make up artist to being a millionaire overnight. Louis is going to have to pay up for child support which I am sure is going to be crazy money.

Congrats to the both of them though! It has been said that Louis is over the moon to be a dad!

I wonder how Danielle Campbell feels about the whole situation.

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Nick Lachey is still heating it up!


I feel as though every few pages I need to appreciate the Greek God named Nick Lachey, this beautiful man! He is still over 98 degrees of hot even if the band wasn’t the greatest. Anyway, look at this man! This is him hanging out with his wife and son somewhere warm during the holidays. Maybe Mexico? Maybe it was California? Who cares?! Just let him be shirtless!

Now can we appreciate how he is like 39 years old and still looks like this. I understand that he can afford to work out all the time and let me tell you what. I genuinely appreciate this man. It is really too bad his solo career never took off because “What’s Left of Me” is such a classic is isn’t even funny. Plus that is where he met his now wife Vanessa, ugh such a love story!