Rihanna Changes Her Twitter Avatar To Something Amazing


So many people know that Rihanna is the fiercest bitch on the planet and she is, she is also absolutely hilarious. After everyone calling her out for wearing basically a sheer sheet with Swarovski crystals on it, she changed her Twitter avatar to this. This perfect photo of Peter Griffin wearing the exact same dress.

When she first saw the picture of Peter she probably died laughing, probably had a blunt lit and just cracked up the whole time while looking at it. I mean who wouldn’t? It is pure gold and everyone knows it. She even posted this picture with the caption, he got it.

ImageSo you know what? People can hate on Rihanna for wearing this dress, they can call her whatever but her confidence is insane. If I could look like Rihanna I would love to. I think that most people would. Who cares if she is showing off her boobs and her ass, good for her! Guess what, she still isn’t asking for it! Thought that it was a good time to use that.

Anyway, Rihanna is hilarious, fierce, and perfect. That is all.