50 Cent Throws Worst First Pitch Of All Time

Well I do declare that 50 Cent throws worse than anyone who has ever thrown a baseball, ever. I mean what is that throw? Was that even considered a throw? 50 Cent goes on and on about how he got shot seven times, how he is the baddest guy in the world, but you can’t throw a baseball? I cackled when I saw this throw. I was expecting it to just be a little off, nope,way off is more like it.

This isn’t how I expected 50 to throw a ball, then again his real name is Curtis. This is exactly how I would expect a Curtis to throw the baseball.

It is going to be hard to diss people when they literally can just make fun of your throw for the rest of your life. They can just sit back and laugh at his attempt.

50 Cent, maybe you should just stay in the club and never step on a baseball field again.

Meryl Streep & 50 Cent Just Posted The Most Important Photo Of The Year!


I think that everyone looking at Meryl Streep doing a gangsta pose with 50 Cent will realize that this is the most important picture of the years. Listen I understand that we are only 26 days into the year and that is fine and all but this picture wins. Let’s be honest even if Meryl doesn’t win her Oscar she received something so much more important, she received street cred! Streep got street cred!

These two sat next to each other at some basketball game, it doesn’t even matter what game it was but what would you pay to be sitting behind them? I would shell out some serious money that I don’t even have just to listen to them. Did Meryl talk about how much she loves his song ‘In Da Club’ or maybe 50 wanted to know about Sophie’s Choice and let her know that was his all time favorite movie.

What if they decided to do a movie together?! Okay, obviously that will never happen but this picture is all kinds of incredible right? I am pretty sure that Kobe Bryant is trying to sneak in on the picture in the back but fuck that noise, no one wants to see him!

Meryl and 50 should run as a presidential team for 2016, I would vote for them 100 times.