Mack Wilds Releases “Crash” Lyric Video

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I have had Mack Wilds‘ latest project AfterHours on repeat since Friday when it was released. There is just something about his sound that I can’t get enough of and I am kind of mad it took me so long to see how incredible he is as an artist.

Today Mack dropped a lyric video for my favorite song on his album, “Crash”. It is just such a sexy song, it is full of emotion, and his voice sounds incredible on it.

It is about a relationship that you should leave but you just can’t I think everyone can relate to that.

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Usher Releases New Song ‘Crash’

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

My body is ready.

That is all I have to say about this new Usher music. He hasn’t put out an album since 2012, but it looks like things are going to be changing soon and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us.

He released two songs without any notice, something that I notice artists are doing more and more of lately. He has one track exclusively on Tidal, which I am still against putting my money towards. I will wait until it is on Apple Music, I know I am a part of the problem.

Usher was nice enough to release one of his new songs on Vevo though! So we are able to enjoy it and it is also on ITunes, so I will be listening to this on repeat.

In my personal opinion Usher is one of the best male vocalists and performers of this generation. He is just so, fresh? Is that the right word to use here? His voice is perfect, his dance moves are always on point, his songs are always sexual, or heartbreaking no in between. Usher has it all.

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