Watch Halsey Cover Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

Halsey is absolutely incredible, in my eyes there are very few things that she can do wrong, her sound is just so different. The Badlands album was absolutely genius, you can’t deny that. A trippy album that was about an even trippier story, it was perfect. Considering Halsey is only 21 years old I genuinely believe that she has a lot more ahead of her in her musical career.

Personally I like this version a bit more than the Bieber version. She puts her own spin on it, check it out!

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Music Monday: ‘As Long As You Love Me (Cover)’ Sleeping At Last

So if you have followed my blog at all, you know that I love The Backstreet Boys and not in that 90’s kid nostalgia way. I actually really love their music and all of that stuff. I am a fan. Usually I am not a fan of covers either, until I heard Sleeping At Last‘s cover of their hit song ‘As Long As You Love Me’. The cover was featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and oh my god, I didn’t know how emotional I could possibly get. Well put Shonda Rhimes in charge of anything and I will cry.

Honestly I am glad that I found Sleeping At Last because his music is absolutely incredible. Other than the cover he still has so many other songs that are incredible. I highly recommend checking it out because this guy has serious talent.

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Watch Tori Kelly Slay ‘Silent Night’

I know what you are all probably thinking. Are you going to continue to constantly post about Tori Kelly and the answer is yes. I genuinely think that Tori has one of the best voices we have heard in a while, she also writes her own stuff, so that is amazing.

Truth is that I am not a fan of Christmas songs. I worked in retail through five long holiday seasons and they have never done it for me. Of course you have to single to ‘Jinglebell Rock’ but I don’t need to smile as I do. ‘Silent Night’ is a beautiful song though, can we all agree with that? It is so beautifully written but some people suck at covering it. In my opinion though, Tori crushed it, like she does with everything.

Tori worked hard to get to where she currently is and I have to appreciate that about her.

So check out the video below and be sure to like the Facebook page!

Seriously, listen, let Tori bless you with her talent.


Music Monday: ‘Break On Me’ Cover By Zach Steinbach & Kacey Renee

So after listening to this cover I decided to dedicate a whole day to new artists with #MusicMonday on Celebrities Are Tragic, so if you know any local bands, singers, DJs, send them there and let me hear them!

Honestly, this cover is probably one of my favorite covers I have heard in a long time. It is so simple yet so rich with emotion. The harmony between Zach and Kacey is absolutely incredible. Their voices blend so perfectly together and having just an acoustic guitar is a nice touch. Nothing more romantic than someone strumming a guitar with no other instruments needed. Then their little conversation at the end, adorable.

Truthfully I believe that both Zach and Kacey have a real shot when it comes to music. Nothing like having actual talent to make people appreciate music. That kind of raw talent that is missing in a lot of newer music.

So listen to the cover, tell me what you think in the hyperlink above linking you to my Facebook! As far as these two talented singers all of their information is below. Follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook pages, and check out their music pages then you can say that you knew them when, because let’s be real they will inevitably be superstars.

Zach Steinbach’s soundcloud

Zach’s Facebook fan page

Kacey Renee’s fan page

Kacey Renee’s soundcloud

You’re welcome for introducing these two into your life!


Demi Lovato Covers Adele’s “Hello”

There is nothing more that I can say other than that Demi absolutely SLAYED this cover! She absolutely has an insane voice but to be honest I was a little worried about her singing Adele. Not saying that Demi can’t handle singing a soulful song, it’s just Adele’s voice is insane.

Of course Demi came through and killed it though, like she always does. Her voice is out of this world and it seems like it is just getting better every single year.

So check it out and tell me what you think here!

Allow Demi Lovato To Bless Your Day By Covering Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

(bbc radio)

Just in case anyone forgot this girl can SING! Dear Lord Demi  , you just took me to church! I mean ‘Cool For The Summer’ is a fun summer song and everything, she doesn’t display her vocals too much but holy guacamole Demi absolutely slayed this cover!

I personally love whenever Demi does covers. She is always so freaking good, her ‘Give Me Love’ cover gives me life!

Demi’s voice has matured so much and she absolutely killed it. The depth in her voice and the emotion that she put into the song is absolutely incredible.

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Jessie J Tributes Whitney Houston With ‘I Have Nothing’ Cover

I understand the beginning of the video is a bit boring but skip to the 3:00 minute mark if you want to hear her belt out some Whitney Houston. I guess the only thing that I can say is that this girl can sing! Jessie J is seriously the most talented female artist out there, she had one of the best voices that I have ever heard. I will say that her and Sia have insanely incredible voices. Her voice is just pure power, and she can control.

I do wish that I could find a full video of her singing this song because I think she absolutely kills this song. Not many people can cover Whitney but she did, and she did an amazing job at covering the late, great Whitney.

Jessie J, you are remarkable and your voice doesn’t even make sense, that is how good it is. As for Whitney, you will forever be remembered in my heart as a legend. Thank you for showing the world but talent truly is.

Ed Sheeran Covers Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ on BBC Radio 1

If there is one thing that I love it is Ed Sheeran’s voice, it is just so angelic. You can hear a little hint of an English accent and whenever he sings it is like the song is breaking him. Does that even make sense? He just puts so much heart and soul into every single word, that is why he is the future of music. Yup, I said it!

For me personally I think that I like this version better than the original Sam Smith version, that doesn’t happen often with covers right? Not saying that Sam Smith isn’t a good singer, I just prefer Ed Sheeran’s version a hell of a lot better.

Which version do you like more? Sam Smith’s original version or the cover by Ed Sheeran?

Matty B Is Still A “Rapper”?

I will give this kid an A for effort because he has been doing his thing since he was like 4 years old. Right when Bieber hit the stage Matty B thought it was hit time to shine, well his parents probably thought it was his time to shine. He is a persistent little fucker though, according to his YouTube he has 144 videos uploaded to date.

I just have a question, why won’t he stop? Does he really think that he is good? Listen, I know it is probably mean making fun of this kid who is probably like 8 years old but you just gotta stop. Listening to him sing one of my favorite songs is one of the most painful things. The whole trying to tone his voice over his other voice, it just sucks.

Matty B you have been doing this for years and you have yet to even make it on Ellen. Ellen loves little talented kids but she still hasn’t picked you out of the YouTube crowd!

Matty B I think it is time to hang up the microphone and pass 3rd grade, you can do it! I promise!