Sarah Michelle Gellar Posts Thanksgiving Throwback With Freddie Prinze Jr

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Sarah and Freddie, making us believe that Hollywood love can actually last. The couple have been together since 2000, married in 2002, and the rest is history. They have two children together and Freddie took a step back from acting to be a stay at home dad and Sarah could continue to work. What a man, right?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving of course and I thankful that Sarah decided to post a throwback of her and Freddie from their first Thanksgiving together.

These two are still as adorable as they were in the early 2000’s, I think we can all agree on that one.

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Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Have Split

Welp, remember when I wrote about The Weeknd and Bella Hadid both being at the Victoria’s Secret show, and how they would probably have a cute moment? Looks like that isn’t going to be the case.

The couple has reportedly broken up after almost two years together. They met on the set of one of The Weeknd’s music videos and sparks apparently flew, but the flame has fizzled out. No word on who broke up with who, and I am going to guess that we will never know because of how private they are.

Considering Bella is only 20 and The Weeknd is only 26, I am sure that they will both be fine. They are both hot, young, and single now.

Thank you for being a beautiful couple for a while and both being mysteriously beautiful.

For the record they have broken up before and got back together, so maybe there is a chance.

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Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Wear “Star Wars” Inspired Costumes

How freaking adorable is this? Jhene and Big Sean are one of my favorite musical couples. Their songs are absolute fire and well they are both extremely good looking, so they aren’t a bad couple to look at.

The couple have been together for a while now, even though Jhene was married, it didn’t seem to stop either of them from becoming a couple. Of course Jhene is going through a divorce now but her and Sean have been together for around a year, so it’s been reported at least.

May the force be with this couple.

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Olivia Culpo & Danny Amendola Snuggle Up On Snapchat

I have no shame admitting that I follow Olivia Culpo on Snapchat simply because I love her and Danny Amendola as a couple. He is a total babe and if I can catch a glimpse of him while he isn’t in his Patriots uniform, I am down.

This couple is seriously one of my favorite celebrity couples. I know I saw that a lot but I actually mean it this time! They are just so damn good looking together. As I have said before it’s not easy to upgrade from Nick Jonas, but Olivia Culpo obviously had no issue doing it.

There’s literally zero story here, I just thought that this was adorable and wanted to share the cuteness with the world. That’s all.

Can they please just get married already?

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Justin Timberlake Says He Would “Absolutely” Work With Britney Spears

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God bless the people over at E News asking Justin Timberlake if he would ever work with Britney Spears. Judging by his reaction he was caught of guard and said that he would totally be down for a collaboration.

Let me be clear though, this is never going to happen. This couple is never going to work together and just because they both said they would be down, it is never going to happen. Justin likes to be the likable guy, so he wouldn’t say no in an interview, but he wouldn’t do it. His whole solo career got it’s start by bashing Britney in the tabloids, and writing songs about how heartbroken he was at the time.

In my opinion I think that Britney would absolutely do it. Britney is a sweetheart and would probably love to work with Justin, just because the song would be the biggest selling song of all time, I promise you that.

So, they can both be totally down for a duet, but it is also totally never going to happen. I am 99.9% sure that we will never see an actual Justin and Britney duet. If that .1% does happen I will admit to being wrong but there is no possible way Justin Timberlake would ever do it.

As someone who grew up in the 90’s and know that Justin and Britney are the pop prince and princess, I would love this to actually happen. As an adult now, I think it is time to let this go because it’s never going to happen, stop trying to make Justin and Britney happen again.

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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Continue Their PDA Press Tour

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This past weekend was a busy one for the potentially fake Taylor and Tom. I have never seen more staged photos in my life, but anyway, I guess that I shouldn’t dwell on that. It is very clear that Tom wants to be the new James Bond and feels the need to become the new “it” guy so why not hook up with the “it” girl, right?

Anyway, over this past weekend the couple has went country hoping. They spend Thursday dancing at a Selena Gomez concert, Tom met her parents, which all caught on camera, the couple then boarded a planet to England where Taylor met Tom’s parents, which was again, all caught on camera.

I must say, I find it absolutely insane that the two of them aren’t even hiding how staged these photos are. They aren’t asking the photographers to make them slightly blurry or anything!

The couple did take another walk on the beach with Tom’s mother, it seems like the beach will be their go to place whenever they want to be photographed. In these photos check out how Tom is barely even holding Tay’s hand. Sorry Loki, if you’re using Taylor for press, you hold that hand tight!

Bravo to Tom though, he is now on everyone’s radar, hopefully he gets the James Bond role that he wants so badly.

I give this couple until the end of the summer. A swift romance indeed.

I am genuinely surprised that they are still trying to make us believe they are a couple when it is so blatantly obvious that they are doing this all for show.

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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are Back Together


Well it looks like America’s least favorite couple is back together. I am very surprised that Kris Jenner even allows this relationship to continue. We all know that she pulls all the strings behind the scenes of the Kardashian/Jenner family. 

Kylie and Tyga, they just aren’t a good look. They started dating when she was 16 or some shit, yes she is legal now but it is still weird. Plus he was spotted out with one of her look a likes and I am also almost positive that he is broke. I am sure that having her show up at clubs with him brings in some money, so it makes sense. 

Oh and let us not forget the fact that Rob Kardashi, who is Kylie’s older brother is having a child with Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby momma. The weirdest love mess I have ever heard of, that’s for sure. 

Kylie, I don’t like your whole like persona but you can do better than Tyga, remember that. 

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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Couldn’t Keep Their Hands To Themselves At Selena Gomez Concert

Hmm, the Taylor Swift and Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston relationship parade continues to roll on through. This time it happened in Nashville at the Selena Gomez concert, who everyone knows is Tay’s number one in the squad.

The two were spotted dancing and getting handy in a private suite thing. I don’t know what to call it, I will probably never be able to afford one. Joining the couple was Taylor’s oldest friend  Abigail Anderson and husband Matt Lucier. So it looked like a nice, cute double date.

Fans got a lot of video evidence of the couple though.

Isn’t it a bit strange that Tom Hiddleston was barely ever spotted, ever, is now everywhere because he is dating Taylor, and he is being very open about it. Another strange thing is that he wants to be James Bond, so he needs to make his name a bit bigger, make him more public rather than only being known as Loki, he can be known as Taylor’s boyfriend too! How exciting!

Considering how much Tay and Tom used to love their privacy, this is pretty interesting, right?

This doesn’t fool me, this is all for show. Can we talk about how much the internet hates this couple though? I love the hate.

Do you guys think that Tom actually enjoyed himself? Did a 35 year old man actually enjoy Selena Gomez? I want to know, click on the Facebook or Twitter links below and let me know!

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Miley Cyrus Makes A Statement With Her New Shirt

I feel like I may be in the minority but I absolutely love that Miley and Liam are still together. Well that they were able to find their way back to each other.You know, Miley went a little wild and Liam probably wanted to distance himself from that for a bit, but obviously they are still in love. How romantic is that?

The two have been rather quiet about their reunion until recently, they were spotted walking around New York and holding hands for the whole world to see. Clearly they are in a spot where they feel they can tell the world about their love again.

According to sources the two aren’t engaged again but they are living together again. I mean, I think that they should just get married and have some beautiful kids, that’s all.

True love always finds its way back!Miley + Liam 4ever

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Apparently Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Are Dating

Well it looks like Taylor was the first to move on from her fake relationship from Calvin Harris and that is why he went on his Twitter to be a little bit angry. According to The Sun Tom has had a crush on her since they danced together at The Met Gala, and even sent her flowers, which absolutely won Taylor over.

Tom and Taylor were snuggling and kissing at her favorite beach in Rhode Island, which again is why I am a little suspicious. I know that I thought Calvin and Taylor were fake, but I don’t know. Again, something about the timing of every. Calvin’s freak out, the way that these photos were taken, I promise you that there aren’t paparazzi in Rhode Island, that is something I am sure of.

Anyway, I guess we will see where it leads with this couple over the next few months.

If this is real.

This new bleached hair is really making Taylor quite the rebel.

If Calvin and Taylor were actually a real couple though, what if Taylor cheated. America’s sweetheart is turning all kinds of bad right now.

Well, I hate this couple, tell me what you think using the links below!

Taylor Swift and new love Tom Hiddlestone walk hand in hand along the beach and find a quiet romantic spot on the rocks

Taylor Swift and The Night Manager actor Tom Hiddleston then passionately kiss before documenting their romantic moment with selfies on their mobile phones

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appear to recreate the special moment where they fell for each other during a dance at The Met Ball last month

When they notice people taking photos

How they react

Tom Hiddleston takes the lead as he captures a special moment of himself and new love Taylor Swift on his phone

Tom Hiddleston looks reflects on the special moment leaning his head on new girlfriend Taylor Swift's shoulder

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