Man Crush Monday: Michael Ray

Have you ever seen someone and just went, oh my God. Well that is what happened when I found out who Michael Ray was. I mean I had heard his smash hit “Kiss You in the Morning” but I had never seen his face, until this week. Oh my good God what a beautiful man.

Now I never fully understood the whole country boy thing. I have never been one of those girls who loves Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan, they are cute but eh. Now though, I will pretend to be as country as needed for Michael Ray. I mean those eyes, that perfect stubble, the perfectly styled hair. What more could a woman want? Did I mention he is an incredible singer? Yeah that helps too. Can’t go wrong with that.

I believe that by 2016 Michael Ray will be one of the biggest names in country music. Yup, I said it! He has an incredible voice and he is beautiful, can’t go wrong with that.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday: Sam Hunt

I think that everyone can agree that this summer is going to be Sam Hunt’s summer. He does this weird sing/talk thing in his music and I am all about it. I usually hate that stuff but hey, Sam Hunt knows how to work it! Really though, he is such a babe! That jawline, those eyes, that voice, you just can’t go wrong with him.

Everyone is jamming out to his music and all the girls I know are in love with him, so he is doing something right for sure. That is something we can all agree on! Soon enough he will be the next Luke Bryan and run the country world. Alright that is a bit of a jump, but I can see why people love his music, it is different for sure.

I think it is time for me to move down south and find me a man like Sam Hunt, a nice southern sing talker that will write songs about me.

Happy Monday!

Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood Drop Music Video For ‘Something Bad’!

I think that we can all agree that this song is going to be a summer anthem for all the females out there who love country music. For the past year or so men have been conquering the country music scene and now it is the ladies turn again! How can you not love this song? It is so simple, so catchy, so good, that simple.

This music video is pretty bad ass too, just Miranda and Carrie causing trouble and robbing banks. They both look really hot here too right? I mean they can both be my woman crush Wednesday and it is only Saturday.

This song will be on repeat for the next month and I will watch the music video daily.

What do you think about the song and video?

New Couple Alert? Lucy Hale & Joel Crouse Spotted At Lakers Game


I think that Lucy Hale’s team should do a little bit better than this clearly fake ass coupling. There is no way that these two are actually interested in each other. No possible way. I mean this is so staged it isn’t even funny. They are sitting front row at a fucking basketball game, that is one of the first hints. The biggest thing is easily the fact that Lucy is trying to make it in the country music market and Joel Crouse has a spot there.

This is easily just one of the biggest set ups I have ever seen in my life. She has tweeted about his music from time to time but now they are acting all lovey dovey at a basketball game. I see you! I see this publicity stunt!

Try a little bit harder Lucy, you can do better than that.


Oops they think that the cameras are elsewhere and look at how boring they are. Lucy Hale pouting those pouty lips all over the place. Joel not even looking at her.

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Wait, Jamie Lynn Spears can actually sing?


Zoey 101 can sing, I am not saying she is the best singer in the world but she can fucking sing. I heard she was going to be B.Spear’s new album and I was like ugh, this bitch again. I loved her show Zoey 101 I thought it was hilarious and maybe I got mad at her because she got pregnant and ruined it for everyone. Well now she is coming out with a country album and her single “How Could I Want More” isn’t bad at all, in fact it is pretty good. Now I am now calling her the next Carrie or Taylor but she could deff win a singing competition like The Voice or some shit like that.

I give this girl major props too because she got a lot of shit for getting pregnant young. Hell she inspired the train wreck known as 16 and Pregnant. I felt like people wanted to chase after her with pitchforks and shit. She never really let it get to her tough, at least it seemed that way. Instead she stepped out of the spotlight to be a mother. Good for you Jamie Lynn.

I am being awfully nice today aren’t I? Well here is the song and you should check it out!