Carrie Underwood Hits Major Country Music Milestone!

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I spent my weekend in Nashville so I basically know everything that there is to know about country music. Well maybe there are still some things to learn but today I learned that Carrie Underwood is now the reigning queen of country music.

Today she officially passed Reba and Dolly who both has 25 number 1 hits, Carrie now has 26 number 1 hits.

Let’s be clear, as much as I love Kelly Clarkson I think we know that Carrie is the best selling artist to come from ‘American Idol’.

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Kelsea Ballerini Releases Emotional “Legends” Music Video – Watch Here

Kelsea Ballerini is probably one of the hottest young female singers in country music right now, maybe in all of music. Is this something we are all willing to agree on? I hope so!

Well I just watched her “Legends” music video and now I am ruined.

The video shows the relationship between two people who have a well, legendary love for one another. I would watch an entire movie based on these two, that’s how much this short music video pulled me in.

Get ready to watch it and get ready to cry.

You’ve been warned.

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Music Monday : “Wild And Crazy” – Alec MacGillivray

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Country boys, am I right? I mean there is just something about a guy who has that country twang to his voice, have him play guitar, and sing, it’s a great combination. Can we all agree with that? Well, probably not since people either really love country or hate it.

I absolutely love it though, and when you find a great singer you have to tell all of your friends, right?

After doing a bit of research through Facebook I stumbled upon Alec MacGillivray, an up and coming country artist from the Boston area. He was born in Tennessee but he moved up north so he is a country boy with Boston swagger. Those are his words, not mine.

He has already opened for artists like Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, and Frankie Ballard. This summer he will even be joining Sam Hunt for a few tour dates this summer!

Alec already has some serious buzz about his music and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of him in the future.

Be sure to check out his website, YouTube page, Facebook page, and listen to his music on Spotify or Itunes.

You can say that you listened to him way back when!

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Music Monday : If I Told You (Cover) – Stephen Schriner

Let me be clear, Stephen Schriner is absolutely incredible. We have followed each other on Twitter for a while now and I have been wanting to do a Music Monday on him, and finally I was able to do so.

Just a few weeks ago Stephen went a bit viral due to his cover of “If I Told You” by Darius Rucker, in fact the man himself gave Stephen props on the cover. That’s right, Darius posted this cover on his Facebook giving Stephen a ton of credit.

I love the cover, I love all of Stephen’s covers and I genuinely believe that he will make it big time in country music.

So before he blows up, be sure to check out his YouTube page and follow him on Twitter! Say you listened to him way back when.

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Michael Ray Releases “Think A Little Less” Music Video

Okay, here it goes, I am a little bit in love with Michael Ray. I mean that voice, those blue eyes, and his perfectly manicured facial hair. Swoon city, right?

Over the weekend Michael dropped his “Think A Little Less” music video and I absolutely love that he is getting the credit that he deserves. His voice is so smooth and so beautiful.

Although I am kind of surprised that this music video didn’t take place in a bar and instead took place in a Malibu beach house, but I won’t complain. He is always on tour so he probably didn’t have a ton of time for this video.

One thing is for sure, we will be seeing a lot more of Michael Ray for a long time to come.

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Listen to Kane Brown Cover Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl”

Kane Brown has been on my radar for a long time, his voice is absolutely out of this world and he isn’t too bad to look at either. The singer has been around for a while now and is just starting to get the notoriety that he deserves for his talent.

Over the past few weeks, Kane has been posting covers of him singing in the shower with his guitarist. Bathrooms are acoustically perfect so it makes sense.

Well this week Kane decided to cover Tim McGraw’s famous song “Don’t Take The Girl”, and he did incredible. There is a reason that people are saying that he is the new face of country and it makes complete sense.  The talent that he has is undeniable.

If you like what you hear Kane recently released his self titled debut album and it is available on Itunes and Spotify!

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Music Monday: ‘Don’t Go City On Me’ Kane Brown

Just a little disclaimer before I get into this post, if you know any upcoming artists please have them contact me here! I would love for Music Monday to take off!

Now that I got that off of my chest, let’s talk about Kane Brown. My lord this boy has a serious voice. A voice that I could listen to all damn day and never get sick of it. Kane is the real deal, I think that anyone who has heard his lyrics would agree too.

Right now he is starting to blow up a bit due to the song ‘Used To Love You Sober’ and when listening to the lyrics, you can relate to it. Kane is an incredible writer, having that voice just helps. I really can’t say enough good things about this incredibly talented young singer who will soon enough be at the top of the country charts. I posted my favorite song of his, ‘Don’t Go City On Me’, it is so charming and amazing.

I highly recommend you follow him on twitter @KaneBrown and check out his music! He is going to be someone you will want to tell all your friends about so they will thank you for introducing them to his incredible music!

Sam Hunt Releases Music Video For ‘Break Up In A Small Town’

Oh Sam Hunt how you slay me. I mean seriously, he is easily the hottest star in country music right now. Well one of the hottest stars I should say. This song though, I love this song. Growing up in a small town I can relate. You can’t go to a damn bar without seeing your ex.

These lyrics are just incredible and he does that whole sing, talk thing way better than anyone else out there.

Even though I am not a huge fan of the beard Sam Hunt can do no wrong. This song is incredible, him running through a burning down how is incredible.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think here or here!

So I read some comments and someone said that Tori Kelly and Sam Hunt should do a duet together. Let’s start a petition to make that happen, okay?

Check Out Carrie Underwood’s New Song ‘Heartbeat’ Featuring Sam Hunt!

Yes! That is all I can say about this song! I love every single second of it. Honestly I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Carrie’s new album because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Smoke break” but this is a song that I can get behind.

Let’s be real, is there a better female singer in country than Carrie? I mean Carrie’s voice is just so damn perfect, it is angelic. Miranda is a great singer but at the end of the day I genuinely believe that Carrie could out sing her. Maybe Carrie and Faith can have a sing off and I can decide which one is better.

I do wish that Sam had a verse but having him in the chorus was a nice little touch.

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Kenny Chesney Announces 2016 Summer Tour With Miranda Lambert & Sam Hunt!

Kenny Chesney Miranda Lambert 2016 tour

(photo credit: getty images)

I need tickets to this show and I need them now! Alright now I wouldn’t consider myself a country fan by any means. I know mainstream country music and I love that but this concert is one I need to be a part of. Miranda Lambert is my spirit animal. She is just a woman who loves to drink, drink, and cause trouble. She is my girl. Kenny is pretty badass too, seriously one of the coolest singers out there. I swear he just hangs out on some private island he probably owns and writes laid back country hit after hit.

To be honest I am surprised that Kenny brings such big names on tour with him. Most singers of his caliber would simply have a few nobodies to open up the show so the show was about him. Not Kenny, this past summer he had Jason Aldean on tour with him. Apparently Kenny just loves having giant names with him so he can sell out football stadiums around the country. Can’t blame him.

You can’t forget Sam Hunt though. That man is absolutely gorgeous and his sing/talk country music really gets me going.

This is going to be the concert of the summer, I am absolutely sure of it. The concert that everyone is going to need to get tickets for.

Let me know if this is a must see here!